3 Fave Lippies Now (2018)


They’re perfect for all occasions all year round!

Lately, I’ve been into MLBBs and natural looking lippies. Here are the top 3 lip products I’ve been loving:

• Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Velvet in BE01
A velvety lip tint which is very lightweight with feather like texture. This is also smudge proof. It lasts for up to 8 hours even when eating and drinking. This lip shade, BE01, would be my favorite MLBB right now. This would be my first Chateau Labiotte lippie and considering that I’ve been wanting to get one of their lip tints, I’m impressed. The formula is great, the pigmentation is awesome and this isn’t drying at all. It’s definitely worthy to be on top of my favorite lippie list.

• Peripera Wine Tint Airy Ink Velvet in #05
Peripera is known for their lip tints as they make the best lip tints in kbeauty which are also very affordable. I’m in love with Peri’s Ink and when I got the opportunity to purchase another lip tint from this brand, I immediately grabbed the opportunity. The Airy Ink Velvet is one of Peripera’s recent collections. This has a velvety texture with amazing pigmentation. As you apply this on your lips, you will already feel how light the tint is on your lips. This is not drying on the lips too. This is smudge proof and around 95% transfer proof as you can see some come off as you drink but your lips still look the same even when eating and drinking. It lasts for roughly 10-12 hours. The formulation is great too. One thing I also love with Peripera lip tints are the applicators, they’re just perfect! I have #05 Elf Light Rose which is a light rose shade, perfect for MLBB as well. This is awesome for both full and gradient lips!

• Etude House Cherry Sweet Color Lip Balm in OR 202
I love me some lip balm since I hate having dry lips. I don’t like it when my lip cracks so I see to it that I have a lip balm with me. I recently got this lip balm from Etude House and I’m loving it. This has a vivid color upon application but still light as it’s a lip balm. This smells like sweet cherries but it’s not overpowering. It lasts for around 2-3 hours only without eating and drinking but I really don’t mind having to retouch. The shade OR 202 is a light coral color but I love me some corals!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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