3rd Blogiversary


3 years of blogging + Life Update!

I can still remember the time I was hesitating to create this little diary of mine then I confided to people close to me about the idea of having a public little diary. They encouraged me to go ahead with this and so I decided to bring the idea to life. I would always be grateful to them and of course, my lovely readers who never fail to support me and this little diary all throughout. I may not be the best author and suck at updates. I have also lessened my updates from twice a week to twice a month but still, you were there to read my posts.

Thank you! It’s been 3 years with you and I couldn’t be any happier!


Life Update:
As you can see in my social media accounts, I have recently moved to the United Kingdom. I’m still fairly new here and still adjusting.

I can still remember how I was welcomed by a snow storm and I was never ready for that. I came from a tropical country and I’m used to the humid weather. The subzero temperature and how my body reacted to it especially during my first 2 weeks scared me. The time difference wasn’t helping too. Good thing, I was able to slowly adjust in my third week of stay.

The people here are kind and very helpful. I also met new friends who like me were trying to get by and adjust to new changes. I can call this another home now. The place is really beautiful too!


Despite the rough start, everything have been great so far. My training recently concluded and I passed my exams in just 1 take! I feel so blessed! Now, my work will start soon. I’m a little anxious but I’m more excited. Challenges won’t be thrown at you if you can’t handle it. Keep on praying, have faith and never lose hope!

Happy 3rd Blogiversary to us!

Always remember to be pretty, be happy, be you! Love lots, H ♥

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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