What’s Inside My Pouch (2018)


These are the essentials I’ve been loving recently plus short reviews on some of the products!

These are the products I always use and see to it to bring everyday inside my pouch:

• Heimish Artless Glow Base
A primer, moisturizer and sunscreen in one! I’ve been in love with this product because of the natural glow it gives. This isn’t the type of moisturizer that fills in the pores but it does help in prolonging your makeup. This is hydrating enough to replace your daily moisturizer. This also has a decent SPF50+ PA+++. When I first swatched this at the back of my palm, the glitters which give you the glow was really clear but when applied on the face it wasn’t that visible anymore but it still gives you a decent glow. The glow would last up to 6 hours.

• Etude House My Little Nut Any Cushion Cream Filter
The first Etude House product here! The Any Cushion Cream Filter is one of my favorite cushions made by Etude House. This promises to give that morning glow, helping moisturize your skin too. Indeed, this gives off that dewy, pretty glow. It has a low to medium coverage and lasts up to 5-6 hours which is perfect for everyday use. Also, I have been wanting to get my hands on the My Little Nut special edition by Etude House which was released during the holidays in 2016. So when I saw my favorite kbeauty store sell this, I immediately got this. Don’t you just love the packaging?

• Etude House Easy Brow Pencil
This has been my favorite brow pencil ever. It’s the first one I used ever since I entered the Kbeauty world and I’ve been using this brow pencil since then. It’s not that I haven’t tried other brand’s brow pencil but maybe because I got comfortable with using this. Plus this is very affordable!

• Missha Line Friends Edition 4D Mascara
I have reviewed this product before and one thing I always look for in a mascara is something that would give volume to my lashes which this product decently does. This is my second one too as I’m in love with the Missha x Line Friends collaboration.

• Etude House Berry Delicious Blusher
Etude House makes really lovely blushers and this one’s a sample of it. This has been my most abused blusher since I got my hands on this.

• The Face Shop Highlighter Beam
I love me some highlight and this one from The Face Shop is the one I’ve been reaching for the most for the natural highlight it gives. This one’s almost empty too!

• Peripera Wine Tint Velvet
This would be one of my favorite lip products right now. This has a velvety texture which is soft on the lips which lasts a long time. Peripera makes one of the best lip tints in kbeauty too.

• Etude House Cherry Sweet Color Lip Balm
This is my go-to lip balm right now. It is vivid and does a good job in moisturizing my lips.

These are the products I’ve been loving recently. Are you also using any of these products? Do you want an in depth review on one of these products? Please do tell me.

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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