5 Things I Learned When Traveling


These will be helpful for you too!

I have been traveling a lot recently and I will be on another long haul flight in a few days. Here are 5 things I learned when and while traveling:

  1. Avoid Caffeine

A few days before my flight, I usually avoid caffeine. Caffeine makes you bloat and you wouldn’t want that especially during a long haul flight. It is also a diuretic which is something we should be avoiding. We don’t want to suffer symptoms of dehydration like bad headaches while traveling too.

  1. Wear your most comfortable shoes

I know we always put into mind what we wear to the airport and that airport fashion is important. We can do so while wearing comfortable shoes! Wearing tight shoes may cause deep vein thrombosis which will give you leg cramps and worse, it will sprain your legs. It’s already hard enough when you’re sitting for 6-8 hours inside the plane and you don’t get that extra legroom, how much more when you suffer cramping pains!

  1. Bring socks and scarf

The plane can unexpectedly be really hot and cold.  To avoid being too cold in the plane, I always see to it to bring a pair of socks and a light scarf that can double as a blanket.

  1. Be climate ready

Before traveling, always check the weather of your destination. It’s still winter time in the Northern part of the world, so don’t forget to prepare your coat. But if you’re traveling from somewhere cold to a warmer place, layering is key as you can just remove your jacket as you land in your destination.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

I have already talked about avoiding being dehydrated and how to prevent that? Drink lots of water. I usually bring with me an empty bottle of water while passing security check so I could fill it up before boarding and take it with me in the plane. You can also just buy in the airport whichever you prefer. Also, keep your skin hydrated! The plane air is recycled, the same air goes in and out for how many hours which will make your skin all dry. Don’t forget to bring some moisturizer and hand lotion or hand sanitizer with you!

Happy traveling!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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