Hello 2018!


Greeting 2018 with a huge smile!

We’re in the middle of January 2018 and it just sank in to me that it’s already 2018! Funny? But really, a lot of things happened last year that I didn’t want it to end. I have been so blessed the past year and this year, I feel like things are finally going as planned.

2017 meant a lot to me since it was the year that I picked myself up from the slump that I got into last 2016. I learned a lot from that but let’s not dwell unto that. Honestly, 2017 wasn’t all good things as it’s but just normal to go through challenges. What I’m proud of was I became stronger and giving up just never crossed my mind.

As 2018 opened, a great opportunity came as well. I can’t wait to share it to you soon.

Welcoming a new year meant a brand new start. It also meant resolutions but I’m no believer of those. If you want change, then why wait for a new year, right? Also, do you really need to change? Why not learn from those mistakes from the previous year and continue the good deeds you have started?

There is though one thing that I promised myself. It is to not be pressured by social media. Social media has been so powerful that it has become the root of a lot of problems. I want this year to be about going out to the world to socialize, make real friends and explore. I wouldn’t want to be trapped inside the four walled box social media puts us in. You can definitely expect me to lie low from social networking sites like what I have been doing the past 2 months (I’m not really active on Facebook and my last post on Instagram was still last October). I wouldn’t promise frequent posts here too but I love this blog so much, I can’t dare to leave, maybe one or two posts a month maybe. Social media is so toxic, everyone needs to take a break from it, no matter how short would do.

Also, optimism goes a long way, let’s all be positive always, whatever year we may be in. Don’t push yourself down. If you need someone, reach out and don’t cry alone in a corner. Love yourself and be in love with your life! Hope you will have a great 2018!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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