Café Series 02: Café Berry

A Dose of Sweetness Nearby!

I’ve come to realize that after getting rid of caffeine from my system last year. It has taken its revenge on me this year. I can’t seem to function without it anymore. Though I try my best to lessen my intake to only one cup per day and make sure I don’t get too much. With changing schedules of work, I couldn’t help but take at least two.

My 2nd entry for my Café series is about a café which just opened around my city. It is really nearby, just a few distance walk from my home actually. Imagine my face when I learned about this, truly delighted!

Café Berry isn’t the first in the province but definitely the first in my city. It has a simple but cute interior. It may not be very big but it’s quite enough to accommodate enough people during peak hours. The design around the café is also minimal but can already call your attention.

This café is owned by a Korean, so it’s no wonder why they offer some Snow, or also known as bingsu. They offer a variety of coffee and frappe you’ll love to try. You’ll also enjoy their desserts and sundaes. They just opened in less than a month (as of time of writing) so I don’t have much to show. But also, given that it just opened in less than a month, they give out a small sized Snow for free when you get a coffee or frappe. This signage was one of the things which encouraged me to try this café out.


Since I just got off work and I wanted to spend some quality time with myself and enjoy something sweet, I ordered my usual, matcha latte, tried a slice of their Choco Mousse cake and got a small sized Strawberry Snow for free (not in the photo). The Matcha Latte’s just fine but I almost died out of sweetness from the Choco Mousse cake and the Strawberry Snow’s good too. No wonder they’re known for their Snow!

I’ll surely go back to try more of their products and whenever I’ll need some sweet dose given that it’s just nearby!


Discovering new, or even old, cafés and trying out their coffee would surely be a great adventure for me. Please look forward to my next entry for this series!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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