My Perfect Imperfections


‘Coz it’s alright not to be perfect!

The Perfect imperfections tag is something I have encountered years ago. This was made by Andreaschoice. Before, I asked myself, would I be able to accept my imperfections and possibly reveal them to people? Then sometime late last month, Jenn Im made a video about this tag which inspired me to write this post.

It’s natural to have insecurities. We weren’t made perfect and we tend to admire others who have those things we don’t possess. But it’s up to you on how you take these. This could make you more self-conscious but I suggest for you to take it on the opposite way. Let these be your motivation. You may not see it but there are people who loves you for who you are.

Now, I’m going to start with the negatives just to end everything on a happy note!

My Imperfections:

• My thighs
I have really huge thighs. I used to blame my mom’s genes for them but no. It’s not good to play the blame game. Anyway, my thighs are the first ones to show whenever I have gained weight which I used to hate. I’m starting to do leg exercises to get rid of the extra fat.

• My posture
I’m scoliotic and I have a pretty bad posture. Everyone, literally everyone, tell me to correct my posture which I can but it gets tiresome as time passes. They get frustrated over me for this, me too. Now, I’ve been doing some proper body mechanics to somehow correct it.

• My height
I used to think that I would grow taller. I used to think that I was tall when I was in grade school. I was one of those who lined up near the end. But then it hit me in high school, my growth was slowing down. Plus, I’m not the one who drinks milk because it will only give me an upset stomach. I still hope I was 5’6 or 5’7 but I’ve come to terms with my height.

• Overthinking
I think of things, think is actually an understatement, I worry a lot because I tend to overthink things, almost everything at that. Maybe it came with being OC and being a perfectionist. Good thing, the people around me knows how to calm me down, that things wouldn’t always go your way. That’s how you learn from them.


My Strengths:

• My nose
As a Filipina, we’re expected to have flat noses but apparently I got a higher nose bridge compared to the usual ones. I used to get lots of compliments because of this. I got my confidence back because of this as well.

• My eyes
A lot would say that my eyes speak a thousand words. I’m the silent type but my eyes speak for me. I couldn’t forget when one complimented saying she loved how my eyes smiled.

• My lashes
Along with my eyes, I love my lashes as well. People would tell me that they envy my long lashes. This is why most of the time, I wouldn’t need any falsies. A few swipes of mascara will do.

• Being considerate
I’m the type to think first before deciding. I try to weigh the pros and cons of my actions first before finalizing my decision so as the effects wouldn’t be as shocking. I try to consider the reasons why actions are done before making decisions.

Always remember that acceptance of who you really are and what you have is one way of boosting your self-esteem. Don’t be scared, you are beautiful just the way you are!

Now, I’m challenging you to answer this tag too! Write 3 physical qualities you think are your flaws and 1 personality trait. Do the same thing with your good traits as well!



Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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