When Traveling to an Unfamiliar Place…


Ticked one out of my bucket list and here are a few things I learned!

I have listed on my bucket list that I would want to try traveling to somewhere I have never been to or somewhere I have the least idea of. I just came back two days ago from somewhere really unfamiliar to me for a very important errand. As I embarked on that trip, all I had with me is I know the language spoken there.

We usually go on trips with an itinerary on hand but I didn’t have that. Of course, we would book places to stay and even rent cars we would use during our stay there but my sister dared me to do it when I get there. I agreed because all I wanted was to get the errand done. I have little knowledge about the place. It was one risky challenge but I learned a lot from it.

Here are a few things I learned from that:

  • Be friendly

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. It’s already on my advantage that I know their language so I shouldn’t chicken out in asking locals. Good thing I met really kind ones who ended to be friends at the end of the trip. With them around, I’d love to go back.


  • Do some research

Yes, I had an errand to do but along the way, I’d also like to enjoy the trip. So I did a little research about the places to visit while I was there. Also, I may not have booked a place to stay but I should at least have an idea about how much the cost and the distance.


  • Be ready with your essentials

You’ll never know when something comes in useful. I knew that the most common way to get there was through a ferry and the weather during those days weren’t the best so I was thankful I’ve got some anti-motion pills to prevent me from experiencing sea sickness. Also, good thing I brought an umbrella with me, it came in really handy.


  • Try the local’s ways

The experience wouldn’t be complete if you wouldn’t try some of the local’s ways. One common thing was their way of transportation. It wouldn’t be practical if you would always take a cab or use rented vans so I did try it, but they’re not all new to me though.


  • Don’t settle with fast food

Trying out local dishes is a must when traveling anywhere so don’t just settle with fast food. You’ll never know how good their dishes are when you won’t try.


  • Appreciate the little things

This one’s common but we usually take things for granted so it’s always better to be keen and appreciate those things. One thing would be a total stranger offering to give you directions and even accompanying you to the place you’ll need to go to even when she’s in a hurry.


  • Never forget to say thank you

Don’t ever forget to express your gratitude, it’s one way of showing to the locals that you’re pleased with their place and they won’t hesitate to help you again.


I was pretty scared at first but as soon as I learned how warm the people there were, I became more relaxed. It was definitely one memorable trip! I’m now looking forward to going back there and the next time around, there won’t be any errands but purely for leisure.

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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