The Perfect Pair

Found the perfect pair!


I thought I would always have 20/20 vision. But recently, I have been having bad headaches. I usually have migraines especially when that time of the month is nearing but I have observed it to be happening more frequently. I then noticed that I was having problems with balance. I therefore guessed that the problem should be coming from my eyes.

I have been wearing glasses for protection. Yes, I have those photochromic, anti-radiation glasses but getting to use my phone abusively and working with my computer most of the time don’t help at all. I assessed myself using a Snellen’s chart and found that I have a problem with my right eye and I must have Astigmatism. I then decided that I should go for a consultation.

Before going for the consultation and getting prescription lenses, I was on the hunt for the perfect pair of eyeglasses. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking for the right pair of glasses. One’s face shape, eye color and hair color are just a few. I just searched up what shape is great for my face. I then started my search online and offline as well.


One online store that a friend recommended was MetroSunnies. She wanted to get a new pair of glasses so she told me that if I was getting a pair then we should just get them together, as so we can also save with the shipping fee. Of course, I agreed! They actually offer a wide variety of glasses, specs and sunnies alike, you can choose from with replaceable lens. They also ship nationwide, hoping they would open to international shipping as it would be a great benefit to me. With lots of considerations, I finally chose this pair. I thought these were really lovely plus I can use them every day. I’m actually in love with it!

I then got my eyes checked and I was right, I have Astigmatism. My left eye’s just fine but my right eye isn’t. My right eye’s grade is even pretty high as much to my dismay. I was really saddened with the confirmation but having the perfect pair of eyeglasses with me, I can make prescription glasses a fashion item for my everyday style.

I also got this pair to channel my inner kpop idol (LOL!). I just actually wanted to try and get one of these kind, even when I didn’t get the lens changed but considering if I should.

I also scored these cute sunnies!

What do you think about my new glasses?

*This post isn’t sponsored.*

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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