5 Sheet Mask Hacks


‘Coz just 1 can go a long way!

Masking is already known and has become a popular skincare step. There are numerous ways on masking, depending on your skin type and skin concerns. We even have multi masking which is great for those who have multiple skin problems. But still, I usually stick to sheet masking.

Sheet masks are one of my most favorite skincare products. These are my skin savers whenever I’m having bad skin days (we all do have them!). They lift my skin instantly the next day, making it moisturized and hydrated. Even when I use a lot of these, I still see to it that I get more than the cost.

So I listed 5 hacks that I usually do to get the most of 1 sheet mask:

1. Refrigerate it first!
Some complain that masking may tend to be messy but I doubt that. The secret is to refrigerate your sheet mask prior to application. Plus, you’ll love the refreshing feeling a cooled sheet mask gives.

2. Don’t forget to cleanse & tone
A clean face is very important before applying any skincare product on your face. Toning also helps prepare your skin before masking or any other step in your skincare routine. If you want to get what is expected, then don’t forget these 2 prior!

3. Don’t keep it on for too long
Sheet masks are only kept on for 15 minutes, 20 minutes the most or it defies its purpose. The mask starts to dry up and takes the moisture from your skin when its kept beyond the recommended time.

4. Keep the leftover essence
Most sheet masks have extra essence left in the pack, what I usually do is I squeeze them out from the pack and apply them on my neck, hands and feet. Sometimes, I place them in a bottle and use them the next day/night.

You can also create mini masks with these. First, cut out some cotton pads, place them in a zip lock bag, soak the pads with the remaining essence, refrigerate them and use them the next day for some instant mini masks. This would definitely be my fave hack!

5. Use it once more
Yes, you read that right. After 15 minutes, the mask may still have some more essence left. You can use them up by flipping the unused side then placing them on your neck, elbows or ankles, those areas which need some moisturizing. This is one way for some instant spa session.

One sheet mask can go a long way! This is also why I love hoarding them and I prefer sheet masks more than any other type of masks. The next time you use one sheet mask, hope you’ll get the most of it and enjoy!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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