Cute Halloween Costume Ideas

Choosing from this cute Halloween costumes!

It’s that time of the year again when we get to dress up anyway we want, spooky or cute. I’m attending a Halloween party in 2 days so I looked up cute ideas for my costume. I have a few conditions to follow, one is it shouldn’t cost me much but it could look like I put in a lot of effort for it. I even went to some thrift shops aside from looking for stuff in my closet rather than going to department stores so as to save up.

Here are my top 5 picks:

Wonder Woman
I was pretty sure there will be a lot who will be wearing costumes of the Justice League members. I also considered being Wonder Woman but this photo alone screams expensive. I have worn a similar costume before too, 3 or 4 years ago, and it would be great to try something new.

Disney will never die when it comes to Halloween costume parties whether you choose to be one of the princesses or villains. I thought I’d be able to save up if I’ll be a witch like Maleficent again this year but my sister discouraged me from doing so. Being a witch or the sexy cat is the easiest way out making these the most common costumes.

 Eleven from Stranger Things
Last year, I wanted to be Eleven yet hesitated. Now, I asked myself is it time to dress like Eleven? With season 2 out and the popularity of Stranger Things, dressing up like the characters are the trend this year. This wouldn’t cost much too. I just needed to look for that pink dress then pair it with a denim jacket and wear long socks plus sneakers which I already have and I’m good to go. This was definitely one of the final 2 costumes I contemplated on.

Pennywise from It
So, It was big this year. When I asked around my friends, they told me if they were going for something spooky then they’ll dress up like Pennywise. I even told them, why won’t we do it? I totally forgot about the conditions I set for my costume and didn’t think about the expenses since I was so excited to be twinning with my friend. We rushed to the nearest tailor but she said she couldn’t make it with just the little amount of time. Sadly, I crossed this out of my list.

Mary Poppins
When looking for other options after my dismay about the Pennywise costume, I saw this photo of Lauren Conrad. She looked so cute in this Mary Poppins costume. It was difficult choosing between this and the Eleven costume yet I have already made up my mind. It just happened that I have everything needed and didn’t need to spend a single cent for this. I’m also sure not a lot would dress like Mary Poppins.

All five costumes are cute and great costume ideas it’s just a matter of one’ preferences. Which costume would you choose to wear?

(I don’t own the photos used. Rightful credits to the owners of the photos.)



Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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