Start Your Morning Right!

‘Coz a great day starts with the right morning!

I’m indeed a morning person but I also know a lot who aren’t fans of mornings. Starting your morning right makes a lot of difference on how your day goes, I can guarantee that. Here are a few tips on how to start your morning right from a morning person:

1. Wake up early
I saw a lot of difference when you start your morning early than waking up at noon, aside from more time to do more stuff. Rushing so early in the morning isn’t the way to start your day great.

2. Stop snoozing your alarm
This is something I’m guilty of especially when work ends at 11 at night but when work ends early then I usually don’t use any alarm to wake up early. My body clock is fixed at waking up at around 5-6 in the morning except when I’m exhausted from work the night before. Hitting snooze and getting extra sleep won’t help, trust me. It will just make your head feel heavy when you decide to get up. So the best way is to place your alarm clock away from you to avoid you hitting snooze or better yet, sleep early!

3. Read a motivational quote every morning
Or you can listen to one! This will help you keep going along the day. Not everyone is guaranteed to have a good day but having reminded of one motivational quote per day would actually help you to do some positive thinking.

4. Take your vitamins
The best way to start a healthy lifestyle!

5. Don’t reach for your phone
I know a lot of people who prioritizes their mail early in the morning but that isn’t the best way to start a great morning. Opening your phone first thing in the morning isn’t the healthiest way to start a good morning. Also, it will just lead you to thinking a lot. You would want to be calm in the morning and not bombarded with a lot of things to think.

6. Do some stretching
Some does exercise but for those who aren’t in to exercising then you can always do some stretching. This way, you can relax your mind and body. This will also help your blood to flow through your whole body, helping oxygenate them.

7. Drink some water
Hydrate! Not everyone are fans of having breakfast but you should never forget to drink lots of water. This will help in getting rid of all those toxins and cleanse your body.

8. Brush your teeth
Begin with a fresh breath and get rid of that stinky morning breath. It helps you feel clean too.

9. Have a good breakfast
Not everyone does this but I would still suggest starting your morning with a healthy breakfast. I wouldn’t trade my breakfast with any meal during the day. This also helps you get the energy to get on with your day.

10. Don’t forget to pray
One thing a lot of us forget, is to pray. Start with being thankful for having a new day for new opportunities and chances. For those who doesn’t do this then meditating would help! This will aid in effective consciousness. Five minutes of meditation would do!

Bonus: Prepare the night ahead! This is something I always take my time to do so. Confused what to wear the next day? Then you’ve got a lot of time when you do it the night before than doing it on the spot in the morning.

Also, don’t forget to start your day with a smile!

(Photos used aren’t mine. Credits to the rightful owners of the photos used.)

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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