2nd Blogiversary

Lessons I learned from 2 years of Blogging!

I just realized that it’s already April. Wow! Time really does fly so fast, I didn’t even notice the changes in seasons. This Little Miss Blogs has been a part of my system already and I’m very thankful to everyone who supported me with this 2-year journey. I can still remember clearly how I came up with the decision to finally make a blog and maintaining it has never been easy. Here are 10 lessons I learned from 2 years of blogging:

1. Stay true to your aesthetic
I’ve already known the type of content I wanted to put in this little diary even before I finally decided to start this. But there was a time when I got attracted to other kinds of content, I found myself lost. Staying true to the content you’ve always wanted to place in your blog is very important. Basiing it on your experiences can help you out as well!

2. Know your audience
I always thought that since I’m passed my 1st year of blogging, I already know my audience but that wasn’t the case. You also want to attract new people. This new audience may just be silently reading, but it would be great if you can be open to what they think too.

3. Take a needed break
It’s very fine to take a break. There are times when you just don’t have any idea what to write. Rather than allocating your time in writing fillers, maybe you just needed that time to take a break to organize your thoughts.

4. Don’t attempt to do everything
In contrast to what’s above, there are also times when you get a lot of ideas, you want to do all of them but hey, you’ve got to slow down and think of the content. You can do anything but don’t try to do everything, most especially when it’s only a one-man team.

5. Quality over quantity, always!
Remember this always! The quality of your content is way more important that the number of posts you get to make.

6. Interact with friends
I just realized that even in this blog, I hold myself from interacting with people until recently. Making friends is very important as well. Plus they can always be of great help too!

7. Grab opportunities
Opportunities come and go so when you know it’s just the right opportunity to publicize your blog or welcome sponsors and it doesn’t go the opposite direction you want to head to, then grab the chance!

8. Your instincts are most of the time right
First impressions may not be right at times but they’re also right 50% of that time, so rely on your judgement. Trust your instincts! They’re mostly right!

9. Continue learning & growing
Never stop growing. I’ve come to realize that you get learnings along the way and they’re such great help for me to become a better blogger. Be open to changes as well, it will help you improve a lot.

10. Dream bigger!
I may not be the best blogger out there in the blogosphere but it’s always ok to dream. We don’t know what the future holds. Challenge yourself, know your limitations, focus on your goals and do what’s necessary to achieve them!

I want to thank again and again those who never failed to support this little diary of mine. I’m so grateful and I’ll never forget all the efforts you’ve put to help me. To the friends I’ve made through TLMB, I’ll always treasure our friendship. To all those who offered me opportunities to introduce TLMB to a wider audience, I appreciate all the kind words and the helpful critics. I won’t reach my second year without you guys. Now, I’m looking forward to another great year with you guys! Always remember to be pretty, be happy, be you! Love lots, H ♥

(Credits to the rightful owner of the first photo used)

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