Spring Beauty Reminders


Let’s do some beauty regimen Spring cleaning!

It’s Spring & it’s time for some cleaning. Here are just a few reminders for your daily beauty regimen as Spring starts.

1. Clean your brushes
We should never neglect cleaning our brushes and sponges. Who would ever want to use dirty brushes on their faces? I usually clean mine every week but not everyone has the luxury of time to do so. So here I am, reminding you!

2. Throw away ‘will be expired’ items
Don’t the end of one season remind you of new products to try? New products to try also means there are products to throw away. So look at the expiration dates of those products and let go of them. It’s also good to take note on the days you have opened each product.

3. Update your regimen!
It’s time for some organizing! Your beauty regimen also varies according to the season. Spring means you get to use lighter products than what you used during Winter. Switch that moisturizer. A lightweight moisturizer is perfect for this season. I’m also a fan of sun essences. These are lightweight, usually watery in consistency, sunscreens that are perfect for Springtime!

4. Keep it light
It’s the season to let your natural beauty shine so keep that makeup light! It’s time to keep those heavy bases and use those light moisturizers more often.

5. Flaunt your love for pink
Unlike during the colder months when you would prefer to wear dark colored lippies or those barely there ones, Spring is all about pinks and corals. One thing that I love about this season is I can wear my pink and coral lipsticks more often!

There are still a lot to do as the season changes but I’ve narrowed them down to the most basic ones. Also, one’s beauty regimen always varies according to a lot of considerations like your skin type and needs. What changes do you usually do with your beauty regimen when the season changes?

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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