Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends I see myself wearing!

It’s March and Spring starts on the 20th. I may not experience Spring but I have always loved this season’s fashion. I watched the Spring 2017 fashion week which was held late last year and loved a lot of pieces. There a lot of trends to look forward to, from flash dance shoulder, sleeve slits to waist cinchers. But I’m showing you 5 trends that I could see myself wearing this season!

• Stripes, stripes, stripes!
From seaside stripes to banker stripes, you would definitely see a lot of stripes this season! I also featured this trend on my post last January about 2017 fashion trends to look forward to the most.

• One Shoulder Trend
This trend isn’t really new since I have been seeing this since late last year but I guess there would be more people wearing single shoulder cut outs this season. Also, this may vary from the obvious cut out like the dress above with only one sleeve or just a peep like the shirt above. I can see myself wearing both!

• Say Hi with Bold Colors!
Bold colors are seen all over Spring fashion week. One color that stands out the most, it would be yellow. Yes, all shades of yellow that is! The brightness of yellow screams Spring and the next season too which is Summer.

• Khaki
Khaki is definitely making a comeback with all kinds of fashion pieces this time. You wouldn’t need to limit with just a pair of khaki trousers. Coats in khaki are go-to pieces this year. The minimalist in me is happy with some khaki.

• Florals all over!
One thing that signifies Spring is definitely florals! This isn’t really new most especially this season. But one thing that makes it different this time is you may wear it from head to toe.

Which trend do you see yourself wearing for Spring?

P.S. Trends aren’t necessarily followed and I’m subject to that. But adding something trendy to your closet once in a while isn’t bad at all too! I may starting posting some trends I can see myself wearing every season. Please look forward to it!

(I don’t own the photos used. Rightful credits to the owners of the photos.)

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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