Happy Holidays!


Wishing you a Happy Holidays + my favorite 2016 trends!

2016 has been big for Fashion. By now, you already know that I’m the basics kind of girl and I usually tend to lean on the safe side when it comes to my personal style but I also couldn’t help but try out a bunch of trends this year. I have experimented with a few styles and trends, even incorporated them to my daily fashion.

This year a lot of trends in the past have made come backs, most of these are from the 90’s which I truly appreciate since I’m a 90’s kid and grew up with these trends. Some of them I’m truly in love with like floral dresses, chokers and denim shirts, even denim on denim. Off shoulders were big last year and also this year. Flannel shirts, animal prints, the mom jeans and overalls were seen everywhere this year as well. Layering even in summer was also a huge hit.

This post would be my last style post for the year so I reserved this to showcase a few of my favorite trends. It would be dress layering! I wore this red silk cocktail dress from Hennes Collection down with a white short-sleeved button down and just finished everything off with my favorite wedges. As you can see, I have been totally in love with layering and have practically shown it in my previous style posts as well. What are your favorite 2016 trends?

Also, wishing everyone a Happy Holidays!




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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