Spring/ Summer Makeup Essentials


My Spring/Summer Makeup Essentials

Spring and summer are the seasons when you look for lighter coverage makeup but with heavy SPF content to block those UV rays. These are the seasons when you would want a long lasting makeup that would need minimal touch ups only. These are my Spring and Summer makeup essentials:

• The Faceshop Jeju Aloe
You never go wrong with aloe vera during these seasons. I use this as a face and body moisturizer. It gives you a cooling effect after a long day under the sun while giving you some moisturizing as well.

• Innisfree Sheet Masks
Sheet masks are definitely a must to give your face more moisture and to keep your face hydrated as well. I just love Innisfree sheet masks, I think they’re the best!

• Isa Knox Cooling Essence Sun Spray
You would totally need a sun spray with a good SPF coverage under your makeup. The heat can be really harsh and this is one of those ways you can fight it. I love this sun spray from Isa Knox because of the cooling effect it gives. I am yet to make a review on this on my upcoming blog posts.

• Aritaum All Day Lasting Primer
I already reviewed this product and for those who have read that, I think you know why I placed this here. This just keeps your makeup last all day, controlling sebum and making your skin naturally silky. This has a semi matte finish, perfect for those who have oily face like me!

• Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream
This is also a product I am yet to make a review on my upcoming posts. A multi-functional base makeup like this is what you need during Spring and Summer. This also has a good SPF coverage with the benefits of snail.

• Tony Moly Moist Mist
For those times when you need to freshen up, a mist is what you need!

• Etude House Easy Brow Pencil
Naturally filled in brows are a must! I am currently using this eyebrow pencil from Etude House. I really like this because it’s very easy to use though it’s not waterproof. I am currently in search for the perfect waterproof brow pencil, do you have any suggestions?

• Chosungah22 OMG Beach Peach Blush
Pink, peach and orange are the colors of the season. Also, multi-functional products for easy makeup are essential. I am loving this peach cream blush that you can also use on your cheeks and lids.

• Clio Lipnicure
Bright pink for spring goes a long way! It’s the color you always turn to during these seasons.

• Tony Moly Sweet Stick Delight
With the heat, my lips tend to chap off. This lip balm is very moisturizing, helping my lips prevent from drying.

• The Face Shop Trendy Nails
Bright colored nails are not new. You can also wear the colors of 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

• Etude House Zero Sebum
For those times when you need touch ups, a blotting and drying powder is what you need. I always see to it I have this on my pouch.

• The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream
Your hands are as important as your face and keeping it moisturized is important. I always keep this in my pouch as well.

• Sunglasses
You may consider sunglasses as an accessory but that also protects your face from the heavy UV rays the sun gives off, so this belongs here!




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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