DeKa Snacks

Your pick me up snack!

Recently, I have been craving for more chocolates but with some twists. (Ugh, blame the hormones!) As I was looking for some snacks to satisfy my cravings, I encountered these DeKa snacks.

These are from Indonesia but are available in some convenience stores and grocery stores. These are available in crepes and wafer rolls with different flavors.


The crepes have 2 flavors, Chocowi, sesame coated chocolate crepes, and Choco Banana, a fun mixture of chocolate and banana.



The wafer rolls are available in 3 flavors, Choco Choco, Choco Banana and Milk Vanilla.


Once I tried them, I was in love! These definitely satisfied my cravings. My personal favorite would definitely be the Choco Banana. These have been the snacks I always see myself picking up when I get lost in the grocery store, when I’m doing the groceries rather. These are a must try!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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