1st Blogiversary


This Little Miss Blogs Turns 1!

I just couldn’t contain my happiness, this little diary of mine has turned one year old! This blog of mine, which I’d rather call my little diary has been a part of my daily life. Yes, I take every single post very seriously guys.



Like I said when I started this, I was inspired by the people very close to me to start this blog. Yes, there are a lot of blogs with the same theme already but I didn’t start this blog up to compete or anything like that. I just simply wanted to share my ideas and be of help as much as possible. Some may find my personal style not that unique but I’m not aiming to impress anyone with it, just showing who I am through my personal style. You get what you see. Since this is like a personal diary, I also share my travels, favorite hangouts and favorite food, and some lifestyle tips.



When it comes to my skincare and makeup reviews, I want to help especially those working girls on a budget just like me. I was once asked by a friend, why don’t you try high end and mainstream products? That wouldn’t be a problem but as what I have said, I am following a budget when it comes to the products I review. I use my own money for these products unless stated otherwise. I love Korean skincare & beauty products! You get 3 things in one! These are not painful in the pocket, these usually come in very cute packaging and these have great uses. I also love drugstore makeup, you get great function for an affordable price.



I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who have subscribed to this blog. I have not only gained followers but also friends. You don’t have any idea how you make me happy with every single view, like and comment I receive. Hopefully, we’ll be able to interact more soon! I am looking forward to more years with you! Happy 1st Blogiversary to us!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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