How I Get Enough Sleep

‘Coz having enough zzz’s is very important!

There are just those busy days that you couldn’t get enough sleep and even when you’re already lying down and no matter how you close your eyes, you just couldn’t sleep. I am a victim of the latter. I have a job that has to do with working on different shifts and sometimes my body clock just couldn’t handle the sudden change. So I’m suggesting these things to you which have effectively helped me get enough sleep.


Reading a good book before going to sleep is one very effective method. It overwhelms your thoughts with words and imagination, eventually comforting your mind to a point that it loses grip of reality and slips into dreamland.
While the effects of listening to music is similar to reading books, melody, rhythm and sound will serve as a perfect lullaby if chosen accordingly to the mood you want to experience. Listening to environmental sounds can also help.


Sleeping mask
This helps me a lot since I get easily distracted. Having a sleeping mask on means no distractions! I love this cute sleeping mask I got from Tickles.


Sniff Balm
This Oryspa Rice Bran Sniff Balm is a favorite of mine. It was recommended by a close friend last November and this one is my second balm. I just get a little amount, rub my fingers together then apply it on my temples while massaging them. It has a cool, minty effect that just relaxes me. It effectively destresses me also.


These have effectively helped me, I hope these can also help you somehow though things vary with your own preferences.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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