Chosungah 22 Wonder Juice Berry Juice


With just one product, all skincare is complete!

Product description: Wonder juice is a multi-essence of highly concentrated moisture. It is a fruit juice essence that comforts your tired skin, instantly soothes and gives moisture. The Berry Juice specifically keeps your skin hydrated and tight.

Volume: 140ml in a glass jar

Color: It looks pinkish when inside the jar but clear when dispensed.

Scent: It has a fruity, berry scent.

Ingredients: 8 different berry ingredients, contains 101 ppm berry extracts; Berry blossom complex, Cactus stem extract, Imperata cylindrical root extract

Directions: After cleansing your face, get the right amount of Wonder Juice on your palms and apply onto your face. Massage it gently and dab it for complete absorption. You can also opt to use a cotton pad instead of your palms and you may apply it onto the dry areas of your face. Then leave it on or 5-10 minutes.

Times used: Everyday (I usually use this in the morning.)

Skin Reaction: It didn’t give me any adverse skin reactions.

Price: USD 29

Rating: 4.5/5

I personally love this product since it’s so light and I have sensitive skin. It definitely is perfect for those lazy summer days since it can function as a toner, lotion and essence. It just keeps my skin moisturized all day long! The packaging however is a little bulky and not really easy to carry when traveling, that’s why I gave it a 4.5.





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