Chosungah 22 OMG! Beach Peach Smoothie


OMG! Found the perfect cream blush for summer!

Summer is nearing (Spring in the Western hemisphere) but it’s been pretty hot lately and I just have the perfect summer cream blush! It’s Chosungah 22’s OMG! Beach Peach Smoothie!

Chosungah 22 is a Korean makeup brand I wanted to try (I have a list of must try Kbeauty brands!) and I’ve been looking for a really good cream blush, so I couldn’t resist but get this product! Chosungah 22’s OMG Beach Peach Smoothie is a waterproof multi-color series, along with Lavender Mojito and Raspberry Smoothie, with soft, whipped cream like texture that creates a feathery texture. It keeps the moisture inside but gives off a powdery finish. It is a multi-point tube that can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips. It has a mousse cream formula that enhances vivid color to stay long. It is highly pigmented but it is light weight plus it contains a tropical complex for hydration.

It is available in 10ml inside a compact white tube. The packaging is cute and can perfectly fit in your makeup pouch. The major ingredients are the following: Euterpe oleracea fruit extract, Coconut fruit extract, Papaya fruit extract, Nephelium lappaceum branch/ leaf extract, Litchi chinensis fruit extract and Garcinia mangostana fruit extract. Upon application, press the tube gently, get a little amount and apply the product on lips, cheeks and around the eye areas. Softly rub the product for perfect fit and create live and clear color finish.

I really like that it has a soft, silky and powdery finish since I have oily face. It is indeed waterproof! Even when you are sweating with all this tropical country heat, it still stays long! This is just perfect for summer!




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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