That Choker


That black choker though…

It was a gloomy, rainy day but I still wanted to wear a dress so I took this black and grey stripes from Planet Gold out. I love this dress so much ‘coz even when it was drizzling the cotton fabric used for this dress was thick enough to make me feel warm. Who said horizontal stripes wouldn’t flatter your body? Well, with this dress that thought is proven wrong and that’s another thing I love about this dress.

Indeed, accessories can take your outfit to the next level but I always love making my outfits classic and simple. So I thought of something simple but would make this outfit better until I found this black ribbon and made it into a choker. Chokers are in trend recently, worn by supermodels, celebrities and bloggers, so I wanted to wear this 90’s trend. Thanks to this ribbon, I am able to pull off the famous Gigi Hadid look with my own flair. I also added a bangle and my classic Yonger & Bresson watch (something I never go out of the house without) as accessories then finished the look with these black S&H lace ups.




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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