The Saem Eco Soul Henna Marker Tint


Want a long lasting lippie? Try this!

There are just those times when you’re too lazy or just too busy for some touch ups so a long lasting lip product is a must have! The Saem Eco Soul Henna Marker Tint contains henna extract thus making it long lasting.

This Henna Marker Tint is in a brown box with the name of its products (just like how most The Saem product packaging looks like). It is in a marker like container which is very handy and easy to grip. What attracted me the most is the applicator, it’s my first time to see an applicator like this, it looks like a felt tip but it rolls on your lips smoothly and easily.

This tint is water based so it doesn’t get too thick or clumpy. This is free from paraben, animal ingredients, benzophenone, triethanolamine and mineral oil. This is available in 5 colors and I got the Erezmi Deep Red which is more of the coral red shade but gets the deep red effect when applied thickly. You can do gradient lips or full lips with this marker tint.

This is very pigmented and not drying. The color lasts all day long but with constant drinking, the color can get lighter. It’s non transferrable as well. With my recent use, it lasted a pretty long time, enough until I got home from work. This is a must have for the busy ladies!





Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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