Certified Cocio -holic


Nothing but great taste!

Ever since the start of the year I have been cutting down on my caffeine intake to at least one cup a day. It was very difficult at first, believe me until now it still is but I discovered the drink to substitute my usual iced coffee in the middle of the day drink, and it’s Cocio!

Cocio is a chocolate milk drink produced in Esbjerg, Denmark. It is a well-known product to Danes, mostly found in their streets and usually paired with a sausage. Interesting isn’t it? I love pairing it with anything actually, it’s that good! This drink is made from the original 1951 recipe of cocoa (UTZ certified cocoa that is! Read more about it in their site: Cocio.com), milk and sugar. It has 2 variants, classic and dark. I personally love my Cocio in Dark, and chilly cold. It is sweet yet it gives that extra kick like my usual ice blended coffee.

I’m not a milk drinker and I’m pretty choosy with the chocolate milk drinks I get (Though I am a chocoholic, I still get a little picky when it comes to products made from chocolate ~I know my chocolate!) but I’m very satisfied with this one!

I would totally recommend this to everyone, most especially to chocoholics like me! This definitely is the perfect substitute to my frappucino! Now, I can enjoy and I’m still able to keep one cup of coffee a day promise to myself at the same time.





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