White After Labor Day


Why can’t we wear white after Labor Day?

There has been this one rule that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day and before Memorial day.

What is the reason behind this rule? They say white is for summer and when autumn comes, you should do away from white. Well sorry but for me, white is an all year color. Even the rich back then can’t stop me from wearing white all year round. Yes, rich women back then created numerous fashion rules and they also believed in and obediently followed this rule.

Well it’s time to throw that rule away. Even fashion designers have neglected that rule now and I’m glad the used to be stigma has been completely tossed out.

As I was pondering, could there be other reasons why you can’t wear white after Labor day? Maybe it was because it would usually rain during autumn and wearing white is not practical at all. But the color is not even an alibi, you can always wear white even during winter, just know the fabric of your clothes.

I actually wore white the day after Labor Day and even if it rained, nothing stopped me. I wore this white Cecil McBee dress and paired it with a black cardigan. Cecil McBee is a Japanese fashion brand for the ladies. It has numerous cute and stylish but affordable pieces you would love. I finished the outfit off with black peep toe heels, my black Dooney & Bourke bag and accessorized it with a big waist belt (Heard big belts are coming back for the Autumn/Winter fashion! Exciting!). What do you think?






Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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