Prevent Impulse Buying


How to prevent impulse buying?

                I’d be a hypocrite if I’d say I wasn’t a shopaholic. Shopping is one of my guilty pleasures and everyone knows that!

Part of the struggles of a makeup junkie and a fashion enthusiast like me, is to know what’s in and buy the latest trend. I mean, if you were a makeup junkie you’d understand that when you go out to buy a certain brand’s latest product to give it a try and make a review, then stop by the lipstick stand, you just couldn’t handle it when you won’t be able to add a lipstick or two in your purchase. Also, if you were a fashionista and you’re out to buy a dress you’d need for an event then saw what the mannequin display outside of that clothing store is wearing, you go try it out for yourself and it totally looked good on you, you always end up buying both, or even more!

I have come up with this post after another shopping spree 2 weeks ago, hence the paper bags on the photos (will make reviews and posts about them soon!). I have had struggles from the after effects of impulse shopping (and yes, I never seem to learn from them), these of which includes ending up not buying what you really need and having less budget for your physiologic needs.

Here are a few ways to avoid impulse buying:

Never go to the mall when you have the money

The mall is one of the most sinful places to go to when you’re trying to save up and most especially after receiving that hard earned paycheck. This is one of the places to avoid! I have tried this and it worked, no temptation for me!

Make a list and follow a time rule

Make a rule, you can’t make a purchase not unless it’s a necessity, until a month or more. Keep things on your list. I usually have the to-buy and to-try list. The to-buy list is only limited to my necessities and the to-try list is the list of my wants. If after a month, you’d still want it, then go for it.

Be aware of your feelings

One great mistake most girls make is doing shopping as a retail therapy. Whenever your emotions are on the extremes and you go anywhere where you will be able to make unnecessary purchases, expect to overspend! Your mood is a great factor affecting your expenditure. It’s always easier to overspend when upset!

Monitor your urges and just bring a small amount of cash

At the end of the day, you’re going to ask yourself, where did all my money go? This is why I always keep receipts. I can monitor my purchases and come to realize I shouldn’t have bought such things I don’t really need. Now, I only bring a small sum of cash for my daily expenses and avoid temptation.

Make a savings account and don’t give yourself access to it

After receiving my paycheck, I transfer it to my savings account and keep it in a safer place where I have no access to not unless necessary, like under a pile of your mountain of clothes at the corner of your closet. I’d be tired to disarrange all those neatly piled clothes just to take the card with me.

Dedicate a splurge budget

Yes, every paycheck, I dedicate a certain amount to spend for my wants. This is somehow effective to avoid impulse buying. Also, this is somewhat more discreet and gives you contentment. You even learn to choose another alternative, a more affordable alternative.

Last, take a deep breath and answer these questions (before finally doing the purchase, when the product is in your hands):

Is it something you really need right now?

Do you have something the same in your closet or makeup box?

Can’t sleep because of it? Have it appeared in your dreams?

Every girl has a deep secret in their closet, those unwanted purchases, two very similar items bought on two different occasions, etc. These ways have helped me so far and hoping to make more progress! What do you think?



Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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