Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel


Want a cooling and soothing moisturizer?

I adore natural oils and even used them as moisturizers. From virgin coconut oil, rosehip oil, to argan oil, I have tried and used them as per their uses. But still, I am looking for an all natural moisturizer that can live up with the benefits it can give you. So now, I’m here to try out soothing gels.

Moisture soothing gels have been out for quite some time now but it was just this year that The Face Shop brought to us their Aloe Fresh 99% fresh soothing gel. It is infused with 99% pure aloe vera leaf extract from Jeju Island. It is both a face and body skin-calming moisture gel which provides cooling and soothing effects on easily irritated skin.

This can be used to soothe and moisturize, as a facial pack and after-sun care. Given such benefits, I thought I’ve got to try this one. With the rainy then suddenly sunny weather, my skin has been sensitive lately. Plus it has no additives! No Parabens, no Benzophenone, no Animal Oil, no Mineral Oil and no Artificial Pigments!

It comes in 300 ml, a green transparent tub. The packaging is pretty simple with just labels of the product on top of it and ingredients at the bottom of the tub. Though I find it unhygienic that you would still need to dip your hands inside the tub to get some of the products, so I made a small spoon for it, but just make sure your hands are clean before using it.

It’s great for dry to combination skin types. It has a light non greasy texture, slightly watery and slightly sticky but not thick. It can be used on sensitive skin too. It has a decent smell, not irritating to the nose and it’s very affordable! I use this as my moisturizer both day, before my makeup base, and night, after toning.

After a week of use, it is actually refreshing! No break outs for me, even helped reduce appearance of pimples! My skin has become smoother and softer! I really like this product! Plus it’s on buy 1 take 1 for the whole month of September 2015 at all The Face Shop Philippines branches! What do you think?





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