A Gift For Dad


What to give the first man in your life?

Father’s Day is coming up in 2 days. Up until now, at time of writing, I’m still  wondering on what’s the best gift for my Dad. My Daddy’s the strict, disciplinarian type but manages to be really cool enough that he can even jam along with us, he knows what’s trendy and not. He is my best critic. He totally deserves a treat for Father’s Day!

He loves what’s classic! A suit is his go-to work outfit but on casual days, he has his jeans on and a polo shirt. I think he really looks good in a suit though. I’m thinking of giving him a button down polo and neckties in which he can wear to work with or without his suit. Neutral colors fit him well since he has sun-kissed skin but I’d like to add more texture in his ties. Stripes and metallic colors would suit him well too! I’d love to style him one day, if he’ll allow me that is! My dad loves perfumes and body sprays so it’s just right that I’ll give him one!

My dad is based in another province and usually travels so a day with him would still be the best gift! What do you think?

image image image

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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