Bath Essentials


The reasons why I take an hour in the bathroom? These! Kidding!

I believe every girl needs some pampering everyday! How? By having the best bath experience! After a stressful day and you feel all worked up, don’t you just want to take your mind off of those things and take a shower? Before going to bed, I always make sure to have a bath, a bubble bath at its best! It makes me feel more relaxed. I have been using Debra Valencia For Aromanice. I got 2 boxes of bath products as a present. We’re in the middle of the year now but they’re actually Christmas hauls from Walmart my aunt got me for a year long supply. I already used and consumed the ‘Sweet Anise Potpourri: Exotic spices & exquisite flowers inspire the senses’ set. I love them so much, it’s difficult not to blog about them! They’re gentle to the skin and the fragrance lasts for the whole day! I’m now using the Sparkling Dazzle: Cranberry Tart set. This set gives off those sparkles you need for summer! A set comes in a box of bottles of a Shower gel, Cream Bath, Body Scrub, Body Lotion, Shimmer Body Mist and a Lip Balm. It also comes with a nail file & a loofah. Now, I have something to look forward to for Christmas! I’m pretty excited to try another aroma! All year long, these are and will be the reasons why I have such satisfying and relaxing bath! What do you think?




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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