Going for something new!

What comes to mind when we say business casual? We usually think of wearing a suit, the customary button down polo and trousers. I always lean on the safe side by wearing the usual button downs and pencil skirt plus coat or a dress and a coat. But as I was looking for inspiration, since I was in the mood for some experiment, I have stumbled upon a lot of cool stuff, I must say. They changed my meaning of business casual. I know I can always wear jeans and a coat but I wanted something different and there I found culottes! I have been wearing culottes for easy summer dressing, but you can actually also wear them to work! Hence my outfit! I am wearing a chartreuse top from Oodboo and white culottes from Renew May Paris. Finished the look with my turquoise Next wedges. But of course, wore a white coat too (not shown in the photos) to complete the business casual outfit! What do you think?

image image wpid-2015-06-13-11.58.47.jpg.jpeg

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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