LIP TALK: Lippies Perfect for Winter (2022)

Lippies I highly recommend for Winter 2022!

A few days ’til Christmas means only one thing, it’s Winter time! Well, with snow falling on the 2nd week of December, winter did come earlier this year.

To officially welcome the winter season, I have here my quarterly lip product recommendations!

Lippies perfect for Winter 2022:

Peach C 4 Season MLBB Lipstick in Christmas Rose

Peach C 4 Season MLBB Lipstick is a semi-matte lipstick with a silky finish. It has a 2 Step Powder for a smooth, matte finish with a rich color payoff.

The fourth/last shade among all 4 Peach C 4 season MLBB Lippies is Christmas Rose, just like the name, it is the shade you’d love to wear during the festive season. The shade is so fitting for the winter season, as #04 Christmas Rose, is a toned down rose plum with a standard cool tone, just right for this year’s colder season. Like all the other Peach C 4 season MLBB lippies, this shows a velvet texture on the outside but pretty moisturizing in the inside. Upon application, it is very soft with even colour. It lasts 4-6 hours without touch ups. This is a great pick during the upcoming Christmas festivities!

WakeMake Nudy Velvet Lip in Classy Red

The WakeMake Nudy Velvet Lip is a soft velvet lipstick that gives off a blurring effect that provides a high colour payoff.

Another lip product I purposely got for the colder season. The WakeMake Nudy Velvet Lip is definitely must have item for me this colder season, one of the many reasons why I got another shade. I may have mentioned that, as the colder months arrive, I start getting into velvet lippies but those still moisturising ones. Not only that but it’s the only season I usually pick up cool tone reds, just like this shade, #10 Classy Red. It is just like its name, a classic red. This lippie is formulated to glide smoothly unto your lips and making sure to give off a vivid and vibrant payoff, even blurs naturally. It is the perfect lippie for the festive season!

Le Labo Baume Levres

The Le Labo Baume Levres is a non-sticky, non glossy lip balm formula. It is formulated from plant-based ingredients.

The Le Labo Baume Levres is made from a plant-based formula to nourish, moisturize, and soften your lips. With the colder season here, it just means dry and chapped lips for me, so this lip balm from Le Labo has been handy and helpful. It is also unscented which is a big plus for me as I am no fan of scents in my beauty products. It is very moisutirising and even helps my lip product of choice to glide even more smoothly on top of this. I have featured 2 vivid red lippies above and this lip balm has helped for smoother application and, for softer lips as the above products are of velvet texture. This lip balm will always be with me everywhere I go!

All 3 lip products are just perfect for Winter!

All good things come to an end, with that said, I have decided that my seasonal lip talk is another series I would be saying goodbye to after this year. I have been welcoming each season with this series and I will definitely miss it. Hoping you have enjoyed my lip product features and recommendations, and that it has helped you. I will still time to time recommend my favourite lippies at the moment, come future, but most likely on my social media. Hope you liked this series!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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