LIP TALK: Lippies Perfect for Autumn (2022)

Lippies I highly recommend for Autumn 2022!

Feeling that chill in the air? Autumn is definitely here!

To officially welcome the fall season, I have here my quarterly lip product recommendations!

Lippies perfect for Autumn 2022:

Peach C 4 Season MLBB Lipstick in In The Air

Peach C 4 Season MLBB Lipstick is a semi-matte lipstick with a silky finish. It has a 2 Step Powder for a smooth, matte finish with a rich color payoff.

The third shade among all 4 Peach C 4 season MLBB Lippies, In The Air, the lip product dedicated for one of my favourite seasons, autumn. Did I mention that, yes, I got all 4 lippies as I haven’t seen something so fitting to my quarterly lip recommendations and of course, each shade is perfect for each season! The perfect shade for the fall season, # 03 In The Air is the shade you’d love to have on your beautiful lips during either a rainy autumn morning or a sunny afternoon. It is described as a real brick mlbb with a warm tone. It shows a velvet texture on the outside but moisturizing in the inside. Upon application, it is very soft with even colour, no wrinkles guaranteed. It lasts 4-6 hours without touch ups. It even looks more natural as time goes by. This will definitely be my pick for autumn!

WakeMake Nudy Velvet Lip in Kill Me Red

The WakeMake Nudy Velvet Lip is a soft velvet lipstick that gives off a blurring effect that provides a high colour payoff.

The WakeMake Nudy Velvet Lip is another must have item for me this autumn season. I fell in love after swatching it. As the colder months arrive, I start getting into velvet lippies but those that are still moisturising and all of those are ticked with this lip product. This lippie is formulated to glide smoothly unto your lips and making sure to give off a vivid and vibrant payoff, even blurs naturally. After wearing these for a few days now, I can guarantee that all of their promises are true. I have # 08 Kill Me Red which is more of a toned down red with a warm tone. It is the perfect everyday red. This is something I would definitely recommend especially during mid autumn up to winter even!

Sunnies Face Lip Treat in Sakura

The Sunnies Face Lip Treat is a nourishing, tinted lip balm. It is formulated with shea butter and collagen that plumps up and softens your lips.

The Sunnies Face Lip Treat is a lip product I have been wanting to try. It is much raved by a lot of people I know with positive words about it. It is a nourishing lip balm formulated with all the good stuff. By the good stuff, I meant, shea butter which helps moisturize your lips; meadowfoam seed oil which hydrates your lips and locks moisture; Vitamin E, an antioxidant; and Collagen Peptides that soften fine lines and plumps lips. This was actually gifted to me and since I started using it, I thought that this should be in my autumn lip recommendations. I was given the shade sakura, yes it meant cherry blossom, which reminded me of Spring but then Autumn excites me like how Spring makes me smile. So I thought it was a good choice. Sakura is a warm pink shade, perfect for everyday use, whatever season it may be. At first, it was quite stiff but with more usage, it becomes creamier. I really like how it glides on my lips that I can see myself always having it with me for frequent touch ups. I’m really liking this so much!

All 3 lip products are just lovely and are all perfect for Autumn!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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