Mid Year Musings: Preserve yourself

Things I realized halfway through the year, 2022!

We’re now opening the second half of the year. I may keep repeating it but, time surely flies. It’s already been 6 months through the year, 2022, and a lot has happened. It’s been a rollercoaster ride but yet, we’re only mid way. It started slow, then some moments went by quickly for me. It had been an eventful half of the year and I did learn a few very important points.

Here are 6 things I realized with the past 6 months:

1. Uncertainty is among the challenges in life you have to get through.

It is when you can’t seem to decide and still unsure whether your steps forward are bringing you to your desired destination, or actually ruining the experience and the love you have for a certain passion. An opportunity opens and you grab it, yet, you realize later on the cons of the choice you made. Are you still chasing your dream or just hurting your passion? Before you take your leap, in an attempt to make a blind decision, take a deep breath and reflect. It is certain that the choice that preserves your passion, well-being, and securities is the braver and wiser option.

2. Slow down. Take your time in making big decisions.

Slowing down and taking your time is different from making a complete stop to deeply reflect on your final decision. It is a strong and abrupt stop that will prevent you from going further down the stream then eventually down the waterfall. It may be the very decision that will save your life.

3. It is wise to accept that it’s part of life to feel down and/or disappointed at times.

These are the moments that will remind us to stand strong and be wise enough to foresee the edge of the cliff and turn a different direction. Sometimes, the longer route down the hill will keep you and your sanity alive, well, and safe.

4. Understand the pressure that’s around you.

Pain is an indicator and a foretelling of the harm you might be putting yourself in. You must know how much pressure your bones can take before they break. It is not all about pride, let your humility save you, and your passion. It is one thing to be brave but careful, than to be foolish and reckless.

5. Preserve your soul.

Everything that you are and all the wonderful things that keep your heart warm to yourself and to the souls of others must be upheld from all the pressures of your situation, the society, and even nature.

6. Know your soul and its value.

Think of it this way, whatever your faith may be, God took his time to create you, time found a way for your existence, nature found the right elements to build you in an environment you could thrive in. Is that not enough to tell you that you, yourself, and your very soul may very well be one of the most important links that secure this very world that you live in?

It is better for a moth to appreciate the warmth and the light of the fire from a safe distance than to be devoured and destroyed in its flames. You are imported. Preserve yourself. Find your balance.

I would usually showcase my mid year favourites but I have decided to finally change it. Sharing some wisdom and how recent experiences shaped me, in the hopes of inspiring you, would be more meaningful.

Still, let me know if you want my mid/end of the year favourites, then I might share them on my social media instead.

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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