Frosty Warmth: Winter ’21-’22 Lookbook

A little lookbook on my top winter style picks!

Winter is one season that gives me mixed feelings. I love the holiday season, it is one of the most beautiful, even the most magical, things that happens in a year. But as someone who grew up in a tropical country, no, I’m not a fan of the cold. As winter fills everywhere with frost, we try to keep up by giving ourselves the best warmth as possible. Living in the UK meant, unpredictable weather, even in the Winter. There were sunny winter mornings that we wished lasted but there were gloomy days as well. I even did lowkey wished for some snow, just for a day or two would do. The best way to survive winter fashionably is layers! Not only in Winter but even whole year round, you’ve just to to be warmer during this season.

One of the things I look forward to during the Winter time is the festive decorations! This is the best time to visit museums, even just the streets would amaze you. So, I made sure to pay a visit to the Warner Bros Studio Tour London, one of my favourite exhibitions in the UK! Also, I indeed (somehow) dressed up for the occasion. I wore a blue jumper under my black leather jacket and paired it with a pleated skirt. I wore over-the-knee socks and knee high boots. I shall not forget my Hogwarts house, Ravenclaw, scarf to keep me warm.

The winter cold is a motivation to visit cute coffee shops to grab my much needed pick me up to keep myself warm. For a simple day out with a friend, I wore a pink jumper and black skirt under a pink coat. I accessorized with a leather beret, a big waist belt and black boots.

A huge change happened just before the year ended. My friends and my little family organized a party for me which made me even more thankful. For this occasion, I wore one of my favourite pink dresses and paired it with white lace up boots.

For a day out to see the festive decorations and to give a try on ice skating, I wore this pink jumper, black jeans, trainers and white puffer jacket. My favourite accessory this season would be my white Gabine bag I got from Charles & Keith. It’s amazing how many things I can fit here. Also, it’s the bag I’ve just been using throughout the season!

The festive season would always be magical for me. I’m pretty glad that it didn’t get cancelled like what happened in 2020. For one of the multiple Christmas parties I attended, this outfit would be my favourite. It’s quite simple, I just wore this pink dress and paired it with black pumps.

One of the highlights for my Christmas 2021 was when I got invited to experience a Savoy Christmas on Christmas eve! It was an afternoon tea at the beautiful Thames Foyer of The Savoy. They had the Reverie installation that was so dreamy. It was so magical that I didn’t want it to end and I didn’t want to leave the place. I wore a white lace turtleneck under my pink velvet dress paired with knee high boots and accessorized with a waist belt, this cute burgundy scarf from Vivienne Westwood and my Gabine bag. I unexpectedly matched with the place and I loved it!

I spent my Christmas in London and it was just all about lots of walking and admiring the beauty of London. It wasn’t too cold that day and I couldn’t be more thankful! I wore a black dress under this oversized red tweed jacket. I also wore a beret to keep things chic.

For a New Year’s celebration at The Connaught in Mayfair, I styled an outfit like it’s Spring just how I usually do but still managed to keep myself warm. I had this cropped pink check wool cardigan over a lace turtle neck, paired with a pink skirt and over the knee boots. I thought this was so cute!

For a lunch with the girls to welcome a wonderful year ahead at my favourite place in London, Covent Garden, I wore a beige turtle neck with a cute ribbon, leather skirt and this red tweed jacket again. I wore knee highs and brought my current favourite bag with me. Also, when do I ever go out without any head piece on? I wore this black beret as well.

Lastly, for a Sunday catch up with friends over some roast dinner, I wore this black floral dress I scored from Kate Spade during a sale. I also had this lovely tan coat from Ted Baker and paired everything with black lace up boots and my Gabine bag, of course! Cute but chic, also comfortable!

I would always choose comfort over style but if you can be stylish while keeping yourself warm and comfortable, especially during this season, why not? Go for it! How was everyone’s winter? Hope you all had a good one! Keep safe!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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