CAFÉ SERIES 16: No.79 Mousse and Coffee

Mousse lover? This cute dessert shop is the place to be!

I have always loved mousse cakes, what more if they look so cute and adorable! A new coffee shop has just popped in Soho, London and it definitely is the place to be for mousse lovers like me!

No.79 Mousse and Coffee is a new café by Hefaure. Hefaure is known for their fluffy pancakes and now, they have taken social media into frenzy with this new mousse dessert shop. I have personally visited this shop twice already. Once during Christmas and the second time was just a week ago. I might visit this shop every month! It is located at Dean St. in Soho.

Once I entered the shop, my smile grew even bigger. The interior was minimal but very cute and quite spacious too! Everything was in pink which made me so giddy!

Just like the shop itself, the desserts are so adorable. It was definitely hard to choose which one I wanted to get. They offer a huge variety of mousse cakes and a generous list of coffee and tea to choose from. They even have bubble tea! (Photos below are from the 2 visits I made.)

During my first visit, I got a cup of Mocha which was ok and my friend bought herself a cup of Hot Chocolate which she said was good. For the much awaited desserts, we ordered the bestseller Peach Mousse which was amazing since it had real peaches inside; a slice of Biscoff Mousse which has the right amount of sweetness and; one Milk Chocolate Mousse which was also so good. I was amazed with all the desserts but I said, I would definitely come back for the Peach Mousse. I got right then why it was the customer favourite. Indeed, I did go back! For my second visit, I obviously got the Peach Mousse again as it was my favourite; for our drink, my friend and I shared the hot Peach Tea. I thought it would be too sweet of a combination but it actually worked and I enjoyed it so much!

The plates, utensils, teapots and cups were also so pretty and definitely matched with the lovely vibes of the coffee shop.

I would definitely be going back again to try some of their other mousse cakes or even just for another dose of their amazing Peach Mousse!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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