Lip Talk: Lippies Perfect For Winter (2021)

Lippies I’m loving for Winter this year!

Even if we say it will still officially start tomorrow, Winter came in early. I even have witnessed the snow fall earlier this month, yes, it was beautiful. But the Winter season isn’t so beautiful for my lips. 3 years into my seasonal lippie recommendations and I am the most satisfied with my Winter picks. This is because, it is during Winter when my lips are the most sensitive. My lips tend to chap so bad that even the best lip balms (yes, even vaseline) can’t really tend to it. These do give temporary relief but I still encounter problems with my ever so dry lips. This is the main reason why I can be very picky with my lippie suggestions for the Winter months and when it gets featured here, then these are highly recommended!

Without further ado, here are the Lippies I’m loving for Winter 2021:

Lilibeth Mood Party Lipstick

The Lilibeth Mood Party Lipstick is a velvet lipstick that is as soft and smooth as a feather.

Lilibeth Cosmetics is a new korean beauty brand I have discovered through social media. They focus on being safe, professional and trendy. I actually just wanted to try this brand as everything looked so pretty, not something new when you talk about korean beauty brands, but it did have something that drew me to it. My choice of product to try out? The Mood Party Lipstick!

The Lilibeth Mood Party Lipstick is a velvet, blur lipstick that promises to be as soft as feather with pure and smooth pigment. Does it stay true to its promise? Yes! I was surprised when I first applied this as I haven’t tried anything as soft as this. It glides so smoothly unto your lips that it didn’t feel like you have any product on. It has good pigmentation but is very lightweight and it is also buildable. This is available in 3 colours and I got it in # 1 Salmon Pink which is your perfect everyday mlbb pink. This has been my go-to lippie and so far everything has been great with this. No, my lips don’t dry out with this. This doesn’t cause my lips to chap too despite being a velvet lippie. This doesn’t really stay long though as you will need to retouch every after you eat or drink. Despite that, this is now my new favourite velvet lippie!

MOS Air Breeze Matte Tint

The MOS Air Breeze Matte Tint is a velvet, matte tint that has a spread blur effect and air matte formula.

MOS, short for Mon on Sun, is another korean beauty brand I have been eyeing on to try. The brand boasts their innate sense signature that you can only get from their products. Their most popular product (as of time of writing) is the Air Breeze Matte Tint.

The MOS Air Breeze Matte Tint is a matte tint that has a velvety, air matte formula with a spread blur effect. It does have that velvet, matte formula that spreads so smoothly and yes, it does give that blur effect as you spread it on your lips. I used to avoid velvet lippies during the winter time but now, I have a velvet lipstick and a velvet tint for my recommendations. It is also with innovation that these velvet lip products are not drying on the lips anymore and can be used by those with sensitive lips during the cold, winter months. This matte tint didn’t chap my lips out. It lasts longer, for up to 6-8 hours. This is available in 8 shades and I got 606 Idyllic Coral. I don’t usually use corals during this time of the year but this product has proven it once again that I can, as this is a subtle, mlbb coral, perfect for daily use as well. I have never been happier with velvet lippies!

By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Scrub

The By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Scrub is an indulgent lip scrub that gently exfoliates the lips.

Nope, it’s not another lip balm this time but a lip scrub! It’s not any other lip scrub as well as it is the By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Scrub. This Lip scrub combats dry, chapped lips that helps hydrate, nourish and condition your lips. With the rough cold weather, I have decided to try this lip scrub as I said that no other lip balm has worked for me. This has a concentrated rose blend formula making your lips softer, smoother and kissable. I love the rose scent! This isn’t too rough as well not like other lip scrubs. It’s not messy too, so I can totally bring this around with me and apply it whenever convenient. My lips has been better thanks to this!

My daily winter lip look? Smoothened my lips out with the By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Scrub, applied the Lilibeth Mood Party Lipstick in Salmon Pink all over my lips then for the awaited gradient effect, I have the MOS Air Breeze Matte Tint in Idyllic Coral on the center of my lips. My lips would surely be happier this winter!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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