Autumn Fever: Autumn ’21 Lookbook

My favourite styles from Autumn 2021!

Autumn always awes me with its lovely colours, most especially when the leaves slowly turn to yellow and orange. I’m not a fan of the colder months but Autumn’s beauty makes me give it an exception. Sadly, Fall went by too quick. But still, I was able to appreciate its colours! Also, this season developed my love for neutral colours that wonderfully goes with the Fall season. Here’s my Autumn 2021 lookbook to wrap up this lovely season!

Even when Autumn was still starting, I have already started wearing neutral colours. I wore this pleated skirt in bone, paired with a white cropped top while I can still wear them cropped tops, topped with my favourite blush leather jacket. I finished everything with my favourite Tory Burch flats and crossbody bag. The beret was also a cute addition!

For a friend’s birthday, I was torn what to wear for late lunch then opted for a white dress as you can never go wrong with an LWD. I finished things with my favourite pink tweed jacket and nude ballerina flats.

You can still definitely wear florals in Autumn. I wore this off shoulder floral top, paired with jeans and chucks to keep things casual.

For a much awaited daytrip, I wore this nude top and a black skirt then finished off with a pink leather jacket and a pair of knee high boots. In autumn, one thing I don’t like is the heavy rain falls. On that day, it rained in the morning but luckily, the skies have cleared up in the afternoon, so I had to take my baker boy cap with me.

For an event I attended, I felt extra cute so I wore this pink top with white collar, a short pleated skirt and my trustee blush cropped leather jacket. I wanted the cool preppy vibes like in YA movies so I opted for a pair of high top converse.

It’s a denim day out in the park. I have been wanting to get a pair of white, chunky knee high boots so I did and it was the first time I took it out. I wore a pair of denim jeans, a pink cropped top and to complete the denim on denim look, I had a denim jacket on. There is something with me and berets during Autumn too, which made me wear this black beret.

Spring in Autumn? Oh yes! I wore this pair of white chunky boots out again. I had a blue sweater on paired with white skirt. I had to have a hint of pink as always so I had it for my crossbody bag. Of course, I needed that head piece and it’s an off-white leather beret this time.

What did I say about being in love with neutral colours? It’s not just a phase! I wore a nude longsleeve top and white skirt plus a long leather blazer in nude as well. I love preppy looks so the socks and cream loafers are a must to complete everything! The crossbody bag too to store my essentials and the tweed nude beret as well are needed.

Leather jackets are my ultimate pieces this season, I have an oversized tan blazer this time. To keep things simple, I had a white turtleneck, black jeans and black knee high boots. I wore a cream beret on. Yes, another beret. I have multiples of them by now.

The colours of Autumn is just so beautiful and a walk to the park is badly needed to witness all that. To match the beautiful colours of Fall, I kept it neutral, again! I had a white crochet long sleeve top, black skirt, black knee highs and the oversized tan blazer, plus the cream beret too. This ensemble was really cute!

Pink will always be my favourite colour so adding hints of it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore. For a casual dinner night with my friends, I wore this pink vest paired with white jeans, leather jacket and a pair of white trainers. As it was starting to get really cold, scarved are a must for me, so I had one on.

To cap off this season’s style and for a visit to a museum, a combination of pink and neutrals was just the right decision for me. I have a pink jumper paired with denim jeans. I also had my pink bag, a nude leather jacket and a pair of black knee high boots. I didn’t think it would work at first but I actually liked it!

Autumn was a bliss that went by too quick. It was still really memorable though!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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