Japanese style with a little English twist!

Ever wondered how the fusion of the Japanese and the English traditions would bring you when it comes to tea? Katsute 100 brings you both!

Katsute 100 is a Japanese tea room in London that gives you Japanese style with hints of the English tradition. The word Katsute represents nostalgia, history and moments in time… once. Katsute 100 is a space inspired of where time moves more slowly, and each mouthful of their exquisite teas and home-made cakes that can be experienced without the distractions of the bustling city. An oasis of Zen calm, they would like to call it.

Katsute 100 is located in Islington, London. They also have a new branch in Shoreditch. I already love the vibe you get even from outside of the store.

Once you step inside, it seemed like you are in a different place. The interior is very dainty and aesthetic. It’s like I was taken to Japan through a door.

The store looked small but it is actually quite spacious with a lot of seating. You can opt to sit inside or outside in their garden.

The menu offers quite a range of Japanese teas, coffee and food.

Their teas are promised to have been crafted from the finest and deep flavours from Japan. While their food are freshly baked and made from combined Japanese flavours like matcha and yuzu with traditional European styles.

They also sell amazing goods like a selection of exquisite sakes and fancy tableware which you can see displayed inside the store.

During our visit, we had a selection of their pastries and teas. We ordered the Hojicha Hot Chocolate, the Lychee Black Tea and the Rose Hojicha. For the food, we made sure to try a few like the Matcha Crepe Cake, the Montblanc Tart, the Black Sesame Souffle Cheesecake and the Ichigo Daifuku. We absolutely loved everything!

I have always been drawn to how good Japanese teas are. Also, I have definitely adopted the English love for teas. These two traditions combined is something exquisitely beautiful and something you would love to experience. Isn’t it amazing how Katsute 100 brings you both?

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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