CAFÉ SERIES 13: % Arabica

Let’s travel through coffee! A coffee shop I have always trusted!

Travelling through coffee? Yes, it’s possible! % Arabica is a coffee shop chain that was first established in Kyoto, Japan. With their philosophy of ‘see the world through coffee’, they have successfully branched out to different cities in the world.

Second café series post in a month? Why not! % Arabica is close to me but I couldn’t fathom why I’m just featuring it now. I have first tried their coffee in one of their branches in Asia and this shop in Covent Garden has been my go-to whenever I’m in the area. Every cup I get just takes me to my roots in Asia which is why this coffee chain is special to me.

Whenever I see that % sign, I get so excited to grab a cup of coffee!

They have very minimal design inside but I would say very aesthetic, even their pastry display!

To go with your coffee, they have some bread and pastries which are all freshly baked.

My go-to would always be a cup of mocha which is really good as it has the right coffee kick and it’s not too sweet as well. For my latest visit, I also got a pain au chocolat. Who says no to one anyway? This pair always works for me!

% Arabica never fails to make me smile with their coffee!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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