CAFÉ SERIES 12: Saint Aymes

The prettiest café in London!

Is there one café that always pops up on your instagram feed? Mine would be Saint Aymes! Saint Aymes is a very pretty coffee shop in the heart of Central London. It was started in 2016 with a mission to make every day beautiful.

From outside, the coffee shop would already grab your attention as it is so pretty. The most coveted seats are of those outside that these are always fully booked.

As you enter, you will be welcomed with quaint and lovely displays of their confectionaries and merchandise. You can also see the menu, in case you just want a take away from the shop.

If you failed to book a seat outside, the indoor seats are lovely as well. It is indeed very social media friendly that every corner is just instagram worthy! I couldn’t help but snap a photo of each nook of this beautiful café.

Saint Aymes’ menu is pretty wide, offering a variety of not just their signature desserts and drinks, but also savoury meals perfect for brunch. The sharing brunch on tea stand is a must try! But during my last visit, my friend and I just decided to get just a few of their must try menus. We got some Chicken and Waffle, one of their signature cupcakes and the cute Unicorn cookie. For drinks, we got a Unicorn Milkshake and a Unicorn Latte.

Saint Aymes is such a pretty coffee shop that I have already booked my next visit, wanting to try more of their sweet and delicious treats while enjoying the gorgeous ambiance! It did complete my day and made it even more beautiful!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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