Keep Your Focus: How to Avoid Distractions?

Keep your focus! A few pointers on how to avoid distractions.

Distractions, distractions, distractions.

Distraction is the thing that prevents you from concentrating on something else, as per Oxford Dictionary. It is the one thing I’d never ask for when I’m trying to work.

I will be honest, I always thought working from home and online classes as the new normal wouldn’t be such a bother to me as I preferred just being at home and being productive. But at the time of writing, I actually have 3 deadlines to meet. Also, my brother confided to me that he was having difficulty completing his performance tasks. I was always the type to get things done but I have as well had my fair share of experiences with different distractions which come in different forms too. These are what inspired me to share a few pointers that help me to keep away from such.


How to keep your focus and avoid distractions?


1.Post a schedule and follow a routine.

A schedule is important and so is a routine. A schedule aids you especially when you live with your family, and/or significant others. When you post your schedule, they would be aware that you were busy then they wouldn’t disturb you. Follow a routine for days when you’re working or studying would be helpful because it sets your mind on the things that have to be done that day. Remember when you used to physically go to work or go to school, you set a schedule and a routine to be mentally ready for the things that may happen that day.


2. Make a to-do list and batch tasks.

A to-do list or a checklist is essential as this helps for you to outline everything that must be done. You can group similar tasks to increase productivity. You can turn to this task list to keep you focused. Start with the smaller tasks as these can be a distraction when you’re trying to tackle a bigger task. This truly works as I am the type to stop everything I do when I suddenly remember something I haven’t done yet.


3. Stay in a conducive environment.

The environment is such a huge factor to keep you away from distractions. You can create a home office set up to make you feel you’re just not at home. A still background is recommended, it may seem boring, but it won’t take your attention away from what you’re working on. You can also play a background music to increase your focus, but noise like a loud television or a car honking, are totally different things. These are things you would want to avoid and keep away from.


4. Know your distractions.

Majority of us know what our major distractions are, and we know how to avoid them. To keep our focus on different tasks, deal with these distractions first as these will just take away your attention. When working online, block access to distracting websites. Silence non-essential notifications. Deal with your phone, silence it. Checking your social media will take up a lot of your time. Also, stop creating distractions. When we don’t feel motivated to do anything, much more accomplish anything, we’ll look for ways to get distracted, avoid this as much as possible!


5. Take a screen break and get appropriate rest.

Although there are some who would opt to get things done all at once, there are also those who can’t. This is one of the reasons why a schedule is important (yes, we’re going back to number 1).  Take periodic screen breaks to avoid burn out and increase productivity but make sure you won’t exceed the given time. Lastly, take appropriate rest as it is difficult to be attentive and productive when you’re exhausted.


These pointers have been really helpful to me and hopefully, these would be the same case for you.

Stay safe!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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