Lip Talk: Lippies Perfect for Summer (2020)


Lippies Perfect for the Summer time featuring 2 different lip tint finishes!

It’s officially summer! It’s been really warm the past few weeks that we all think, it’s already summer, but as per the dates, it’s just today that we can say it’s really summer. Yet, the weather has started to become weird again, it started raining again last week. What to expect with the UK weather anyway? We just have to be prepared.

As it’s already another season, I’m back with one of my favorite beauty series, lippies perfect for the season. I’ve decided for each post of this series, I’ll focus more on Kbeauty brands and just limit it to at least 2 products only as much as possible.

For this entry, you may notice that they have similar shades as these are my go-to shades, even when it’s summer, but I’ll be featuring 2 different finishes. I’ve been really into lip tints lately so both products are tints. These are also lippies from Kbeauty brands I’ve been wanting to try.

Here are 2 Lippies Perfect for the Summer for me:

Heimish Varnish Velvet Lip Tint

The Heimish Varnish Velvet Lip Tint is a velvety-soft lip tint that glides on creamy for ultra-saturated color that lasts all day long.


This lip tint promises an excellent long-lasting power that coats on lips all day long while leaving a velvety finish. It is enriched with 15% of moisture content including lavender, rosemary, and tea tree extracts to keep lips moisturized and supple. It glides on smoothly feeling weightless.


I used to believe that one can only wear velvet finish lip products during the winter as it looks more pleasing and just goes along with the cold season. This reasoning was also influenced by trends. But I know I’ve been wrong all along. This lip tint is the proof for that.

Heimish is a brand that I really like but I have only tried their primer and skincare products, never their lip products so I gave it a try and I’m happy I did. This Heimish Varnish Velvet Lip Tint has a soft velvety finish. Still, it stays true to its promise of keeping your lips moisturized. I tend to be choosy with velvet to matte finish lip products as my lips dry up and tend to crack. Yet, it didn’t do that on my lips with this on. This lasts for about 6-8 hours without eating and drinking, with no touch ups. Throughout that time, it has kept my lips supple which impressed me so much. It feels really lightweight on the lips as well. Bonus is it’s got a really cute packaging!

This is available in 6 colors and I got 05 Dry Rose which is a rosy, mlbb color. The color payout as swatched below is just so pretty. This is totally perfect for everyday use. This will surely be a favorite throughout the season, maybe, even until the end of the year!


Romand Glasting Water Tint

The Romand Glasting Water Tint is a water based tint that gives you glossy lips that is very lightweight with a barely-there feel.


This water based tint gives the following benefits, this coats the lips with a glassy film that delivers maximum shine thanks to a separate layer of color pigment; this gives long-lasting and vivid color payoffs without fading easily and; this has a light, smooth texture keeping the lips moisturized without any stickiness.


Romand, or Rom&nd, is quite a new Kbeauty brand. I’ve been wanting to try their products because of such good reviews. What way to try out their products than with lip products, isn’t it?

This is another product that has proven me wrong again. I’m not really a fan of water based tints as I thought they wouldn’t last really long. Well, this really came with experience with other products. But lo and behold, I met the Romand Glasting Water Tint, another lip product that impressed me. This does what it says. This gives off a beautiful payoff and doesn’t dry up the lips. It’s very easy to apply and very buildable too. This does have a light sweet scent to it but isn’t really bothersome upon application. They keep your lips looking plump and vivid but with no sticky feeling. All you need to do is smile and you won’t even feel it’s there!

This is available in 8 colors, I have #05 Rose Splash, another coral rose which is a beautiful mlbb shade that would compliment anyone, no matter what your skin color is. As you can see below, I tried to remove the swatch but it didn’t budge. It has another layer, making the color last long on your lips. This did last almost the whole day for me without touching up, it’s just that I drink almost every 10 minutes because of the heat. Knowing that I wouldn’t have much time to touch up, especially at work, this would be the perfect natural, work lippie and even when I’m just out for the day to run errands or meet my friends at the park. I can totally see myself picking this lippie up most of the time this season!


Totally recommending both these lip tints! Do you usually have lip product finish preferences? Any lippie recommendations for Summer?


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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