29 things I’m thankful for!


As I turn 29, I have listed 29 things that I’m thankful for!


I may not look like it (lol), but yes, I’m already 29. Age doesn’t matter anyway.

With my growth, I have had more and more things to be grateful for. Even that little thing that makes me smile, I’m thankful for that.

For a birthday special post, I have listed 29 things I’m sincerely thankful for. Here they are:


  1. Healthy mind/body. Not everyone is blessed with good health so having one is something to be truly thankful for.
  2. The best family. 
  3. The most loving fiancé.
  4. Strong faith. With faith, you will have the spirit to endure and fight through the greatest trials because you know what you believe in is worth fighting for.


  1. Wonderful support system in the UK. I have had struggles here but if not for them, I wouldn’t be tougher.
  2. Great friends. I may not have many but I sure do have the best set of friends all over the globe.
  3. A fulfilling job.
  4. A good night’s sleep and just being able to wake up.
  5. A calm shift, if not, a good team during difficult shifts.


  1. Good coffee in the morning. When a day is started with a good cup of coffee, it will surely be a good one.
  2. A lovely, warm bath/shower.
  3. Being able to breathe fresh air.
  4. Beautiful flowers. I love flowers so whenever possible, I’d love to grow my own garden. For now, I’m satisfied by looking at the flowers around the city.
  5. A walk around the neighborhood/ the nearest park. Walking is my main exercise but aside from that, this is one good way of calming myself.


  1. A humble and comfortable abode. With all that’s happening recently, I’m surely grateful for having a place to call home. Not everyone is sheltered well. Also, this goes with being able to provide for one’s basic necessities.
  2. Witnessing a radiant sunshine, and a heartwarming sunset.
  3. The sound of the rain and the rainbow after the rain.
  4. View of the moon and the stars.
  5. Going on holidays, treats to self, promising adventures. I love traveling and when it’s allowed, I’m looking forward to my next trip and adventure. Everyone deserves to treat themselves as well.


  1. Good food and lots of sweets.
  2. An afternoon spent reading a good book. I love writing but I also really like reading. Getting to read a good book is really relaxing for me.
  3. Music and art. Everyone has got different tastes in music and art, whatever it is you may like to do or listen to, it should be cherished.
  4. Kindness of strangers. With the world we have now, it’s very seldom you get to meet kind strangers so getting to experience one is a one of a kind experience.
  5. Experiences to learn from. These experiences teach you lessons that you’ll surely bring in the future, as well as, share to others. These make you a better person too.


  1. Feeling safe & secured. With what’s happening these days, being able to feel safe and secured is almost rare. So when you do, treasure it.
  2. Gift of time. Every second is a chance to exist and to move the world.
  3. Being able to love and feel loved. This is definitely two of the best feelings you’ll ever be able to feel.
  4. Wisdom that comes with age.
  5. Being able to write and inspire people with what I’ve written. I may not be the best but to those who are still with me who continues to read my entries and get inspired by them, thank you ever so much.



There are still a lot of things to be grateful for that are not in this list, and I would still continue to be thankful for everything.

I have spent 5 birthdays with this little diary of mine and to everyone who had been sending me heartwarming messages and greetings, cheers to you. Hope you’re all doing well.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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