My Travel Collectibles


Things I love collecting when travelling!

I fell in love with travelling in late 2018. I have been to a couple of countries last year, not many yet, but looking forward to going to more places. As a token of remembrance for such travels, I have collected a few stuff to remind me of the beautiful memories I had in that certain country.

Here are my travel collectibles:


Starbucks Espresso Cups


I actually started with the actual cup and not the espresso ones but I decided to start collecting the espresso cups on my second travel adventure as I thought they were cuter. A lot of the people I know would prefer the actual cups or even tumblers as Starbucks have them as well, since they can be used more rather than these ones. I think I made the better decision because apart from I love my espresso,  these espresso cups work better for me because if I want to display them, they don’t take so much space.


Jo Malone City Candles


Jo Malone is a scent brand I adore. I love it so much that I get myself a different cologne scent with every travel adventure I get to go on. I really like associating every city or country I’ve been to with a specific Jo Malone scent. Last year, Jo Malone released their city candles, with 8 different cities. I have a soft spot for good scented candles so I got the candles from the cities I’ve been to. I’m crossing my fingers to be able to travel to the other cities (given the right circumstances) these candles featured.




Many love collecting shot glasses, postcards and/or magnets. For me, one thing I have to get with every travel, especially the European countries I’ve been to, would be coasters. This was an idea given by a dear friend. These are not only useful but also I can put them in a frame and display them to remind me daily of the joy travelling brings me.

I also have a few more knick knacks here and there like keyrings, flag and country landmark stickers that I have placed in my luggages, and bookmarks to make the bookworm in me happy.


I can’t wait to travel more and see these collections grow! Do you have any travel collectibles as well? What do you collect?

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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