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Presenting my surreal 5-day trip to 3 cities of Italy and what I wore while I was there! Interesting stories are about to be revealed as this trip was the most adventurous out of all my trips this year yet.


On the first week of October, I and a good friend got away to the country of Italy and visited 3 different cities. Italy is a country I’ve always dreamt of visiting and being there made me feel like dreams do come true.

I’ve been talking to this friend about my dream of going to Florence while she always wanted to visit Venice. So we finally made the decision to finally to push through with this travel plan and tick these cities off our dream travel bucketlist.



The first city we explored was Venice. Our flight to Venice was early in the morning so we got there by midday, giving us enough time to go around the beautiful city. We got around by bus then by a vaporetto. We first checked in our hotel and dropped our luggages there. It came in handy that our hotel was really close to the city centre. The very first thing we did was ride a gondola on the Grand Canal and was amazed by the beautiful canals the gondola went through. We then visited the impressive Basilica San Marco and the glorious Palazzo Ducale. We stopped for a bit and had a late lunch while enjoying people watching at Piazza San Marco. We walked to the beautiful Basilica Santa Maria della Salute. The Rialto Bridge was our last stop and watched the breathtaking view of Venice on top of the bridge during the sunset which was just amazing. Of course, when in Italy, you’ve got to have some gelato so we got our first cones of gelato by the Rialto. Also, we managed to buy some souvenirs at Rialto Market.

For the first day, I wore this really cute ensemble that I thought of last minute. A white button down with a pink vest over it, paired it with a white skirt as well. I finished everything with my favorite pair of pink boots and my favorite check bellboy cap. The bag I brought with me was this beige Guess cross body bag.






The second day was dedicated to a day trip to the awesome and colorful island of Burano. We left San Marco in the morning so we could maximize our time in Burano. We left the island mid afternoon as we needed to travel by train heading to Florence.

Knowing Burano is such a colorful island, I wanted to stick wearing basic colors. I wore one of my favorite LBDs with my favorite white blazer. I finished everything with a pair of black ballet flats.






As we had arrived in Florence the previous night, the third day in Italy meant devoting this day to exploring the city of my dreams, Firenze. The day started with taking a walk to Piazza del Duomo. I fell in love with Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. It was just majestic and it was the site that made me realize that dreams do come true, I have finally stepped foot in Florence.

People watching is such a therapeutic thing to do whenever I get to travel and the best place to do this was at Piazza della Repubblica. We then strolled around Piazza della Signoria and visited some beautiful art exhibits at Palazzo Vecchio, Loggia dei Lanzi and Galleria degli Uffizi which are all connected to each other. To get to the other side of Florence, we walked across Ponte Vecchio. We then took a short break at Palazzo Pitti before grabbing our first cone of gelato artigianale for the day. We walked a bit more to visit more sites like Basilica di Santo Spirito and Chiesa di San Niccolo Oltrarno. One of the highlights for this day should be climbing up a pretty steep flight of stairs to reach Giardino delle Rose and Piazzale Michelangelo. Here, you can see the most beautiful panoramic view and skyline of Florence which made me tear up. To relax a bit, we grabbed some lunch, had a Tagliatelle Funghi Porcini e Tartufo at a local restaurant in the city. We wrapped the day up by visiting Mercato Centrale to get some souvenirs.

For this day, I wanted to be comfortable but still look cute. I wore this white off shoulder ruffle blouse under my favorite white blazer and paired it with this red knit skirt. I accessorized with a black beret and finished everything with this pair of black ballet flats.






We still had 2 days left and thought we have explored most of Florence already so my friend and I randomly decided to head to Milan for our 4th day in Italy. As we arrived in the train station, we traveled through the Metro, heading to the magnificent Duomo di Milano. As soon as we stepped foot in Piazza del Duomo, I was in awe of the cathedral’s beauty. That aside, a couple of scammers approached us, giving us bird food then after taking a few pictures while feeding the pigeons, they forced to take 20 euros from us, no matter how we hesitated. To those who are visiting Milan, please be wary of this. To cheer ourselves up, we walked around Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and enjoyed eye shopping there. Our next stop was the flagship store of Acqua di Parma which was the real reason behind this visit to Milan as my friend really wanted to visit the store. We then took the metro again to reach Piazza di Santa Maria. We then continued our Milan adventure by foot.  We first visited 2 churches, Santa Maria delle Grazie and San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore. We then entered the grand Castello Sforzesco and took some time to relax at Parco Sempione. Our last stop was the Arco della Pace. We also had one of the best chocolates in Italty, Venchi.

Cute but comfortable must have been my theme for this trip. I donned this cute yellow dress and wore this grey blazer over it. The blazer is a bit oversized, just the way I wanted it to be. I accessorized with a black headband and finished everything with one of my best friends for this trip, this pair of black ballet flats.






Our last day in Italy came to be the craziest day for this trip yet. It started out great with another stroll around the city centre of Florence. We had one of the best meals in Italy yet, a Prosciutto e Funghi pizza with some delicious sea bass on the side. We also had some more gelato artigianale in Venchi. By midday, we had checked out of our hotel and had left for the airport quite early. We took the tram to the airport but sadly it had collided with a car which was such a sad happening, good thing, no one was hurt. We still had time so we didn’t take the cab but decided to go to the nearest bus stand and take a bus instead. But 2 stops before the airport, the bus had run out of gas. This made us panic as we barely had 2 hours before boarding, what made things worse was we were in a place where a cab wasn’t always there. We tried to ask the people with us but they barely understood English, I was already ready to walk to the airport. But after about 20 minutes, another bus had arrived, letting all the passengers hop on it. We were unsure of the stop but an Italian lady taught us our way the best she could with no English. She had even told the driver where to stop for us. This just proved to me that kindness knows no language and I’m more than grateful that we had arrived in the airport in time, just 10 minutes before our flight was boarding.

Felt so lucky I managed to wear the most comfortable outfit of all the clothes I brought with me for this day. I wore a striped shirt paired with my favorite pair of jeans and this grey oversized blazer over. I wore my favorite pair of pink boots for this day too.

This trip had been quite an adventure for both me and my friend. This proved a lot of things to me, dreams do come true and expect things you least expect to happen. This trip gave me a lot of lessons but these won’t stop me from going back to Florence or anywhere in Italy of course.




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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