Missha Wish Stone Tint Oil


Hopping on the lip oil band wagon with these lippies from Missha!

Product Description: A tinted oil which offers transparent, glossy and vivid lips yet with long lasting color payoff. It melts naturally on the lips which helps to express vitalized lips. This helps care for your lips by removing dead skin cells and providing moisture.

Packaging: The lip tints come in pretty fuchsia gemstone packaging with a twist cap and comes with an attached doe foot applicator.

Color: These come in 5 colors Elegant, Fresh, Pretty, Seductive and Bright. I got two colors, Elegant which is an MLBB kind of pink, and Bright which has a vivid reddish pink-coral shade.



Scent: There is a certain mild sweet candy scent as you apply the tint.

Texture: This has a glossy, moisturizing texture but isn’t sticky and rather light weight.

Directions: Using the doe foot applicator, apply an ample amount unto your lips and spread gently and evenly from inner to the outer part of the lips.

Effect Duration: These lip products sadly don’t last long. It lasted me at least 2-3 hours only even without eating and drinking.

Price: This retails around 7-9 USD (Got this for 7 GBP)

Rating: 3/5


The Missha Wish Stone Lip Tints come in 3 different formulations, velvet, water gel and oil. I picked up two of the oil formulations as it was something new for me. Lip oils and oil tints were in rage since mid-last year too but I have just started to get curious about them. Also, I think it isn’t new to you that I have really dry lips and my lips chap so easily which is why I always look for and use moisturizing lip products. This was also the reason why I was excited to try these babies out.


The packaging was so pretty but I wasn’t really impressed with the doe foot applicator. It’s not the same like the usual ones but it still does the job. As I applied the lip tint, I could easily identify the thick, oil-like formula the tint has but these don’t feel thick. You may think that it would feel thick on the lips as it is an oil tint but it doesn’t feel like that at all. It is buildable and very light weight too.

The color doesn’t immediately come out so you would need a few more swipes to get the vivid color needed. It comes out glossy but not sticky as well. Although I think, the color pay off would vary from the complexion of whoever would wear these tints but they’re still really pretty on the lips. One thing that disappointed me was these don’t last long. You would need to constantly reapply the tint every 3 hours at least. Despite that, these come off evenly and don’t leave patches on the lips. I haven’t really noticed any transfers from these tints too.


The main ingredients for these tints are macadamia oil, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and strawberry extract which are all known for their moisturizing abilities. These are great even without wearing lip balm on.  I was pretty happy with these, considering the price and how moisturizing these lippies are. These were a great introduction to oil tints and lip oils. Now, I might get another set of oil tints.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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