Café Series 06: Dominique Ansel


Enjoy sweet and savoury baked and café dishes from the inventor of the cronut!

For this series in my little diary, I have started a list of cafés to visit here in London. I made this list last year and I’m so happy that I’m slowly ticking them off my list of must visit cafés this year.

I was first introduced to this café when a friend bought me some of their macarons which are really good. On a day of errands around Westminster, I and a friend decided to have a break and I first thought of this café.



Dominique Ansel is known for its creative desserts and savoury food. It is the café responsible for inventing the cronuts and bringing them to London. They also offer a variety of delicious baked goods (as you can see in the menu below).


As we entered the café, we were welcomed by mouthwatering dishes, from breads to cakes and different pastries.




The place was really warm and cozy, something I would want in a place I’d like to visit regularly. There was also a spot which was very instagrammable. They had marble tables, which I loved; wooden chairs; and this cute flower wall with the café’s name on it. It was very aesthetically pleasing.



Since we were there for brunch, we had some hearty dishes. I had the Pressed Cuban Sandwich with the Matcha Latte, and the Victoria Sponge for dessert, as I was craving for some at that time. While my friend got the Turkey Croque Monsieur with the Chef’s Hot Chocolate and the Mini-Me Cake which is their signature chocolate cake topped with meringues.



I loved their sandwiches. The Victoria Sponge was also good, I felt so happy to have satisfied my craving. The Matcha Latte was a bit too creamy and milky for me though. The Mini-Me Cake was the best out of all that we had, it had the right amount of chocolate sweetness with a kick of dark chocolate.



I definitely enjoyed my time there and I’m definitely visiting again to try their popular cronuts!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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