Café Series 05: Gaza


Feed your Korean dessert cravings at the heart of Soho!

I have been craving for some Korean desserts for a while now and I was so glad when a friend brought me to Gaza café which is located at the heart of Soho.


Gaza Café is a Korean café which offers different Korean desserts such as the all-time favorite bingsoo, shaved ice dessert; ice cream topped waffles and other different pastries.


They also offer rice burgers and other Korean delicacies like the tteokbokki, spicy stir-fried rice cakes at very affordable prices.

When we got there, I was already pleased with the warm cozy ambiance of the place despite it being quite small. They also play really good music (great for Kpop lovers like me! Lol!) which is a huge plus for me as it would make my stay better.


We ordered a Bulgogi rice burger which was really nice; a serving of my favorite Korean snack, yes, it’s tteokboki of course! It was even my friend’s first time to try the dish and I felt so proud she loved it! We also ordered a slice of matcha mousse since I’ve been craving for some good matcha dessert and peppermint tea for drinks. My favorite part was the matcha mousse as it wasn’t so sweet that you’ll get to finish everything.


I would definitely go back to have some of their bingsoo!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! ~H

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