End of the Year (2018) Favorites + Bidding 2018 Goodbye!


My favorites for the 2nd half of the year plus a short wrap up of this year before it ends!

Wow! I can’t believe that after 2 more sleeps, it’s already a new year! 2018 had been amazing and these are the things that I loved during the 2nd half of the year.



  • Hera Black Cushion

I made a review about how lovely this cushion foundation is. It has great medium to high coverage. It has a semi matte finish but isn’t drying at all and it’s very lightweight.

  • Benton Tea Tree Cleansing Water

Tagged as one of the best of skincare this year by a lot of influencers. The Benton Tea Tree Cleansing Water is awesome like that. One thing, it is made from tea tree which is great for those with acne prone skin like mine. This is also good for all skin types. Two, I usually do my first cleansing step twice to completely remove my daily makeup but with this, I don’t need to do that anymore.

  • Pony Effect Prime Protect Sun Base

Talk about 3 products in one! This is a moisturizer, primer and sun base in one. I’ve been using this a lot lately and I’m loving it plus it didn’t give my sensitive skin any breakouts.

  • 3CE x Maison Kitsune Palette

I don’t really use eye shadows for my daily makeup but the colors in this palette is great for everyday use. This has been so handy during all those holiday events I went to. This is very pigmented and buildable too.

  • I’m Meme Travel Brushes

These aren’t the best brushes but these are the brushes I’ve been using whenever I’m travelling since these are so handy and can even fit in my small hand bag.

  • Etude House Cherry Blossom Dear My Lips Talk in Dried Cherry Blossom

This is one of Etude House’s Limited Edition lippies for Spring this year but I actually got this around summer already and this has been my go to lippie ever since I got it. It is very pigmented and the perfect mlbb for daily use.

  • VT x BTS Super Tempting Lip Rogue in Moment

Another mlbb lippie that I’m in love with! This has semi matte finish but isn’t drying at all especially during this season as my lips tend to chap so badly.

  • VT x BT21 Lip Lacquer in Vanilla Rose and Pure Coral

Did I say this was my favorite lip product collab this year? It’s not only adorable but very functional. I just find myself picking RJ and Chimmy the most among all the lip lacquers in this line. Also, these two lippies were the lip products I always bring during my travels.

  • Troiareuke Acsen Recovery Cream

Whoever said that your skin gets better during the colder season is just so wrong. I’ve noticed that the worst breakouts I’ve had are during the colder seasons. Gladly, I have this Recovery Cream to turn to. Whenever my skin starts to react with all the redness, this cream calms it down. I also have this whenever I travel.

  • Lucas Papaw Ointment

I have just said that my lips chap so badly during the cold season and I’ve tried different types of lip scrubs and lip masks and they don’t seem to help. Some do but only for a short while. Then I finally tried this and this was the only answer to that problem of mine. This is also a burn ointment and if I didn’t graze myself while baking, I wouldn’t get this.

  • H&M Body Mist in Winter Berries

I love subtle fruity and powdery scents for daily use and this has that! This also lasts the whole day. I think this is only limited for the winter season so I have started hoarding a few of these ‘coz whenever I pop by an H&M store, I get one of these.



  • Accesorize Two Tone Brushed Scarf

Talk about the most used scarf I have! Pink and grey seem to be my color palette this season and I’ve been wearing those colors frequently plus this scarf completes a simple outfit.

  • Coach Wristlet Crossbody Bag

This is another most abused bag, most used rather. I love crossbody bags as they are easier to carry around whenever I go out and this has been my go-to whenever I go out. Also, Coach is having a major comeback this year and I’m in love with the brand.

  • Puma x BTS Turin Shoes

Yes, this is also my most used trainers. This year, my love for trainers and sneakers grew but these were my favorite! They just go along with whatever I wear, may it be a dress or jeans.



  • I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maureen Goo

I have read a few books this year but this is the only book I’ve been reading over and over. This just gives me that back to high school feels plus I can totally relate to this! I bring this during my travels and just read my favorite parts when I’m in the train or the plane.

  • Line Friends BT21 RJ Sleeping Mask

I have also featured another sleep mask in my mid year favorites. Maybe, I’m just into sleep masks as I’ve been having sleeping problems. Also, my love for the BT21 characters, especially RJ just grew late this year too. I’m addicted to it!

  • Phillips Fabric Shaver

I love wearing jumpers, scarves and beanies but whenever you keep on popping them into the wash, they start to develop pills which aren’t really pleasing but this has totally changed that and with this cute little fabric shaver, my jumpers look like they’re new again.


  • Zico King of the Zungle in London

The Zico concert was one memorable night as I am a fan of the artist. This was my second Korean pop concert this year and it was awesome. Zico always amazes me with how great he is as an artist. He just never disappoints plus he performed lots of my favorite songs of his that night.

  • BTS Love Yourself Tour in London

Event of the year? It would totally be the BTS Love Yourself Tour in London. I have been a fan of BTS ever since their debut and watching their concert was a dream come true. I literally cried watching them perform one of my favorite songs. I just couldn’t believe that after 5 years, I was finally able to see them perform live! I’m already missing them and looking forward to watching them again real soon!

I didn’t bother posting an empties photo as I’ve been using the same things featured in my favorites the whole year round, including those in my mid year favorites.

2018-12-07 082036465042811225515..jpg

2018 was a rollercoaster ride for me. I started it with a big challenge of going here in the UK for a career growth. Things weren’t easy. Homesickness was very difficult to deal with as I have always been pampered back home. Yet, I still embarked on this journey. I know I am strong, I had overcome the new time zone and the changing seasons. I learned a lot of things and met a lot of good people who eventually became my family away from home. I was able to travel a lot too which was very refreshing for me.

2018 had been bloody amazing! Happy Holidays!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! ~H

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